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So after I finished that Pokémon commission, I finally had time to crank out a Froakie.
After the news of the new Pokémon game came out, I really really really wanted to do some fanart, but I had no time.
So I whipped this one out in like half an hour or something.
FINALLY~ *phew*

Froakie is the best of the new starters.
Just sayin~ haha <3
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Honestly, "nice" is all I can say, and also "cute". :)
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Hey man I love your work :D And Im new to deviantart, Like hey, can you help me out?
Make a photo of Froakie Mixed with a Mega X charizard, I both love them so It would be
great if you could help me out
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I love the colors! ^^

I am totally choosing Froakie. :heart:

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Yo, i was wondering if you take comissions?

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Whoa, I haven't been on DA in such a long time. I apologize for missing your message, but yes. I do take commissions :) (If you're still interested after so long @__@)
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Do you have a price?
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Depends on how you want it (sketch, black and white, color, etc), and how many characters you want in it. :)
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Hello~! I do, but I'll probably be taking them in a few weeks, because I'm currently working on some projects. Is that alright? :) (And sorry, I hadn't been on DA in a while)
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Hello! I have featured your image in my article (which should be published now or in the near future) on! You have been credited. If this is a problem though please let me know! Thanks x
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Ah! Thanks! I haven't been on DA in a while. I just saw the article too.
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I love how it looks like official artwork your very talented
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Ah! You think?? Thanks so much~! <3 I really appreciate it!
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Haha that's so cute!
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Thanks! (U 3 U)v
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Cool drawing! I like how the coloring style sorta reflects the style from the gameboy and GBA games (only more colorful with the shading). Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks like the basilisks from Dark Souls? :P I'm picking Fennekin, myself. Cool stuff, keep it coming!
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Thanks! I didn't realize that until I was done haha
Haha I can kinda see that (had to google Dark Souls) but he reminds me of Zephos from Wind Waker 'cause of the clouds haha
Thank you~
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Froakie is the beeest xD Awesome pic!!!
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Totally is! Thanks! :D
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Ohhh what a cutie!! Froakie is my fave.
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Thanks! Mine too~ <3
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I love it 8D !
I really love your style, good job !
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Thanks so much~! :^D <3
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Froakie is so cute, right?? I had to draw it <3 Thanks so much
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