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×… Just plugging the book I worked on with Lee Garbett. They put, Art by: Lee Garbett and Walden Wong, but if you guys check the cover and credit page, you'll see my name... so, I actually did ink half of the book. Check it out let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

Anybody here a member of any "inking" group or know a good one to join to? If not, then I might form one. I just want to know if there's actually somebody here interested to join? It's more concentrated on comic book inking of course.
I've never done this before but I'll try it this time. I'm going to accept commissions but strickly inks for now. I'm not going to post the price but it will be affordable just send me a message and we'll negotiate. Let me say this... the easier the artwork the cheaper it will be. If you like to buy one of the artwork I've posted in my gallery just let me know as well. Thanks.
I've been searching for a decent size pencils of Steve McNiven here and I'm having a hard time finding. I'm preparing my portfolio for the coming New York Comic con and hoping that my chances of getting a gig would increase if they see I could ink the work of an artist of his calibre.

If anyone has a link to his work or other penciler as good as him, please help me out here and post it. I'd appreciate so much.

Thank you.   
So, anybody going to the NY Comic Con at Jacob Javits?  My brother and I are planning to go.  I'm gonna bring my portfolio and see if I could convince, or maybe even beg, one of editors to give me a job as an inker.  

So if you know any editors, please, feel free to let them know to watch out for me and see if I'm good enough to ink for them.

I guess that's all!  Good luck to me!  :D

Visionary Studios

Sun Sep 3, 2006, 9:09 PM
This is not really a journal, more like an ad. but not really.

For those comic book artists who has been trying to get their work publish or just trying to get their foot in the business, now here's you chance.  A studio called "Visionary Studios" is jus the studio you're looking for.  I think for the past few months they've been looking for people to pitch in their work to get publish and artists who can make their stories come to reality.  (Cheese!  I sounded just like a salesman.)

Anyway, check them out, contact them, ask what the deal really is and you might just like this studio. If you get a gig, and you're really good I might even ink your work (that's for pencilers).   If you contact them, just lem them know that you heard their studio from me.  No, I'm not gonna get a prize or anything for recruiting people, I just like them (Visionary) to know that eventhough I'm not participating that much, I'm still trying to be a good member.

Good luck peeps!

-b- to their website.