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Batman 700: David Finch by boysicat, visual art

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Yes, that's THE Scott Williams... if you don't know him I guess you don't care much about comic books. Or if you're into comic books and you still don't know him, then you don't care much for my profession either as an inker. This photo was taken at the NYCC '09, after my brother made him critique my work. I would say that that was the highlight of my life... so far.

I've been a Scott Williams fan since the day I picked up X-Men #1. Growing up as an aspiring inker, he's the man to be! I've always thought I'm not good enough since my work is not compatible with certain pencilers. But talking to him gave me a renewed perspective that an inker is the best tool a penciler can ever have... only if the penciler is compatible with your style of inking. (Actually, Sandra Hope said a similar statement to me.)

That's it. A little something about myself. Hope you enjoy my gallery! :-)

Scott Williams is on the left. <Just Kidding!> I'm the skinny, hairless Filipino--yes, the guy on the left with the boyish good looks.

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Nil, Since you accused me of doing "dubious" business regarding your pencils publicly, I will respond publicly to save what little credibility I may have as an artist. Hear me out or not, it's critical that I address this issue since I'm starting to get attacked left and right by your fans. I hope your fans and those who follow me can keep an open mind as I try to explain my position. First things first, I do apologize that it came to this. What you clearly do not believe to be a misunderstanding truly is one (on my part at least)&#151;whether this was intentional on my agent's part or not, I cannot speak for him. That's something you have
Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In Just plugging the book I worked on with Lee Garbett. They put, Art by: Lee Garbett and Walden Wong, but if you guys check the cover and credit page, you'll see my name... so, I actually did ink half of the book. Check it out let me know what you guys think. Thanks! -b-
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Anybody here a member of any "inking" group or know a good one to join to? If not, then I might form one. I just want to know if there's actually somebody here interested to join? It's more concentrated on comic book inking of course.
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Amazing ilustrations!
You have a wonderful tradition in your country for comics. People like Rudy Nebres, Alex Niño and of course, the Master, Nestor Redondo. I see a common thread between rendering styles, though Finch may not be that much into reflected light.

GREAT work!
This is an insanely good and interesting gallery you have here!
Congrats and keep up the great work!
Excellent ink, man! I'll watch your works
hey, i'm a big fan of your art!
i want to be a comic artist when i'm older so is there any tips that you could give with art?
The basics would be to draw everyday and draw various things. Start improving how you draw anatomy and I'm not talking about just muscular and super sexy type of anatomy. Draw a more realistic type for starters, that would be easier too anyway. Don't concentrate on your line quality because that will come naturally once you start to improve. Take art classes, sometime colleges have an open class where even kids who don't go there can come to learn. Like I said that's the very basic. Good luck and thanks for the kind words.
not a problem, thank you for the advise