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What d o want by Shiro-euphorie
Turian by Shiro-euphorie
Untitled by Shiro-euphorie
Little wolf by paintingpixel
Mass Effect - Kaidan
Kaidan and Nick by ladyhawk76
Kaiden Alenko by Pythagasaurus
Dinner with Kaidan by ynorka
Something Sweet by Just-Jasper
Mass Effect - Joker
October Surprise by Midnight-Blackened
Jeff - Joker - Moreau by Leo-Fina
Jeff Joker Moreau by Pythagasaurus
Joker by ladyhawk76
Mass Effect - Garrus
Garrus  and his Kitties by Razz8
Garrus - Poster by ArtBasement
No shepard without vakarian3 by MightyTimArt-IDale
Dancing Lessons by Sorceress-Nadira
Mass Effect - MShep
Husbando by TeresAnima
Pye Shepard by Pythagasaurus
Ethan Shepard by KStarrLynn

Mature Content

Afterglow - John + Thane by ShalaRaan
Mass Effect - Jacob
Jacob Taylor by manda091987
Jacob Salute in the Armory - Mass Effect 2 by loraine95
New Style : Jacob Taylor by Myridd
I think we'd be good together, I know I need you. by Myridd
Mass Effect - Thane
End by Shiro-euphorie
Commission: Mass Effect by AlexielApril
Thane Krios by Animefanka
Mass Effect 2 - Sunset on Illium by ReelLifeJaneway2
Mass Effect - Vega
Comm - Shepard and Vega by Zenopic
Jimmy Vega by ladyhawk76
Vorchagirl Commission Colors by DStPierre
James by ladyhawk76
Mass Effect - Cortez
Lt. Steve Cortez by GSJennsen

Mature Content

Cortez and Traynor - Mochaccino by AlienFodder
Mass Effect - The Rest
We Made It... 634 Years Later by Marco124
The Legends by BarbDBarb
Javik 001 by Pythagasaurus
David Anderson by Pythagasaurus
Dragon Age - Alistair
Come back to me... by Leo-Fina
Dragon Age - Zevran
Dragon Age - Nathaniel
Nathaniel's lipstick kiss by MikaniaC
Dragon Age - Anders
Dragon Age - Gilmore, Teagan And Cullen
My Prince by RainbowRenders
Dragon Age - The Rest
Solas and Lavellan by MissBasha
Dragon Age 2 - Fenris
Dragon Age 2: Fenris Teeshirt by RubberDuck4LUNCH
Dragon Age 2 - Varric
Varric Tethras by RanaOhara
Dragon Age 2 - Sebastian
Sebastian - your precious Anders by Lilithblack
Dragon Age 2 - M Hawke
Aggression Tarot Card by TheDovahBrine
Dragon Age 2 - Carver
DA2: 'Not About the Money' by Blodsvartnatt
Dragon Age 2 - Other
Dragon Age 2: FenHawke, Showboat by RubberDuck4LUNCH
Dragon Age Inquisition - mInquisitor
Dragon Age Inquisition Meme by Yoshida6
Dragon Age Inquisition - Dorian
My calming Moon... by Leo-Fina
NWNights by PaleCaesar
Jade Empire
Jade Empire - 'Furious' Ming by BeaverBridge
Star Wars
SWTOR Revan Reborn by Faietiya

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A group dedicated to our favourite Boys Of Bioware ;) And the collection of FanArt dedicated to each and every one.

Please read About Us before contributing!!

We will include:
Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), The Old Republic (TOR), Mass Effect (ME), Dragon Age (DA), Neverwinter Nights (NWN), Jade Empire (JE) whatever, we want it all here and in easy reach!!!
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Feb 10, 2011


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Hey hey it's admin :iconqueen-of-olympus: here and I don't know the best way to talk to head admin :iconnamirawilhelm: but... how about a little contest?

If it's fine with Namira, my idea is this:

Submit a piece that shows Commander Shepard (M or F) with their respective male romance, *Male Shep can have M or F romance shown since Male Shep is a Boy of Bioware) and or a Male or Female Hawke with their romance.

I will personally put up the first, second and third place prize.

1st- 5 Points and writing commission, promo in journal, and llama
2nd- Writing/art commission, promo and a llama
3rd- llama and promo

Deadline is the 31st of this month in any time zone.
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