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KeiichixTakehiko by Nekothenobody KeiichixTakehiko :iconnekothenobody:Nekothenobody 4 2
PxI - Ch. 3 'Tips'
I stumbled out of my room in a rush. It was at least ten in the morning. I was late. I ran through the hallways unsure of where I was going. I ran through two or three doors before I found myself standing in the huge hall again. Relief passed through me.
I cruised the hall looking for Ike. I saw no sign of him. However, I saw Marth and Link. They were chatting normally. I got some courage to actually go up and talk to them this time. At least I knew who one of them was.
"Hey, Marth." I smiled.
He just eye rolled and stared at me, "Pit, Ike was looking for you."
My heart lept, "Really?" I beamed.
Marth nodded like everyone knew it, "He's... somewhere. Whatev. Just go look for him." He gave me the hand.
Damn, he acts like a girl teenager! I thought as I walked off.
I trailed through crowds of people watching and crowds of people who were the fighters. I wasn't really paying much attention to much of anything. I sighed. Where was Ike?
I glanced to my right and saw a girl with a ti
:iconpixi11:Pixi11 6 8
MPS: Another tale by linasakura MPS: Another tale :iconlinasakura:linasakura 6 12 G00 - RENDEZVOUS by shuu-washuu G00 - RENDEZVOUS :iconshuu-washuu:shuu-washuu 257 146 Sweet Nothings by Daina
Mature content
Sweet Nothings :icondaina:Daina 143 147
Heaven's Love .:Cry:. by xxkadavraxx Heaven's Love .:Cry:. :iconxxkadavraxx:xxkadavraxx 8 13 Tobi Entertains Himself by Caraviel Tobi Entertains Himself :iconcaraviel:Caraviel 216 68 Winter - Twins by yuuyami-artist Winter - Twins :iconyuuyami-artist:yuuyami-artist 233 82 FanArt matt x mello by: mellow by 3mellow-chan FanArt matt x mello by: mellow :icon3mellow-chan:3mellow-chan 55 3 Give Me Smile And Shine Days by Daina Give Me Smile And Shine Days :icondaina:Daina 91 73 'Always where you are' VC by VampireNataliee 'Always where you are' VC :iconvampirenataliee:VampireNataliee 17 86 :SHPPDN: How to make friends by s-a-n-d-y :SHPPDN: How to make friends :icons-a-n-d-y:s-a-n-d-y 497 114 Casual Saints by Washu-M Casual Saints :iconwashu-m:Washu-M 400 84 Camaraderie by Jeri-Fag Camaraderie :iconjeri-fag:Jeri-Fag 12 17 kuro x yuki by xllAngelSnowllx kuro x yuki :iconxllangelsnowllx:xllAngelSnowllx 13 5
What we found! Nice ones don't you think? Maybe artists will come to our club.

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Rules and Joining // Submitting!!

:bulletblue: It's YAOI/ SHONEN AI club that means that members like BOY x BOY RELATIONSHIPS. If you don't like it leave this page without commenting. Thank you! ^^

:bulletblue: If you want to become a member - read the rules, it doesn't hurt and it's fast.

:bulletblue: Once a week admins will change the Featured folder. We will show the best artwork there. Maybe someday you will see your art featured (;
Only one artwork per person can be featured. Give others a chance.

:bulletblue: Admins are not Gods or machines and can make mistakes So don't get angry with us and watch your tongue!

:bulletblue: When you spam like crazy or keep breaking rules or you're rude -- you will be BANNED !!!

:bulletblue: We do not allow furries (males with non-human face). Kemonomimi, pointy ears, tails are allowed. Please take those kinds of artworks to a furry club instead, thank you!

:bulletblue: Males who are visibly under 16 cannot be shown in a situation involving nudity or sexual activity.

:bulletblue: Since this group is explicitly about love between males, we only accept work, which is showing that. That means No single characters!

:new: :new: :bulletblue: No sketches, non finished arts, WIPs or non scanned arts (took with camera). But inked works and linearts are allowed.

:new: :new: :bulletblue: Fanarts of Original Characters should be submitted to the OCs folder.

:new: :new: :bulletblue: Sexual body fluids are not allowed on dA, neither are porn images or traced art. Our group respects the rules, so don't upload these kinds of images to the BoyLoveClub.

:bulletblue: Rules can change!


First of all.. READ IT !

:bulletpurple: YOU CAN ONLY ADD 1 WORK PER WEEK (Monday-Sunday) We don't want to spam our members with too many artworks.

:bulletpurple: When you add work PLEASE choose the correct folder carefully. Your work with original characters, your fanart or your fanfic should be in the correct folder.

:bulletpurple: Only yaoi couples are accepted !!!!

For now information about submitting is enough but it can change!

... now after read all above, you can join (:
EDIT: I'm honoured to introduce you our new admin:


                                      WELCOME TO OUR LITTLE GROUP :D


BoyLoveClub is recruiting a new admin!

Lately a lot of our admins have been inactive. In fact I've discovered I was the only one left to vote meaning a lot of works have been expiring before reaching the needed 2 count approval.

I'm sorry if all of your submitions expired but since last year I was not very active in this group because of this Some newsHello
Well it's been awhile since I've posted anything here but this year my life was a bit chaotic and very busy.
(And sorry if I didn't opened the commissions yet since I said it will be open on October.)
I will not enter into details but one month ago my dad died from lung cancer and it happened fast. He had begun a chemotherapy on January and it didn't work. Doctors moved on others chemotherapies rather quickly but the disease was too aggressive. My mother and I took care of him at home for several months since in the end he couldn't walk. Then he fell into a coma and died a few hours later.
Now I'm helping my mother with all the paperwork you have to do after someone death and it's not easy.
I miss my dad. He was only 65 years old.
if you are interested in reading it.

I have now :iconatseyss: to help me for the vote so please feel free to submit them back, we will check them very shortly !

But I will need at least one more person as a co-founder.

• To apply :
Just send a note to the group about your motivation, or your passion for yaoi.

• End of the applications : June, the 15th 2018

Good luck guys !
See you soon.
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Introducing our great admins...






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Does my submission ever get accepted? It's pending for about a week rn
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