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Showcasing love between boys!
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  Adoptable USD 30, Addfav highly appreciates!

ADOPT 83: Hello Bunneh (OPEN) by fenaru  
Guys, are you still active?
Great that you allowed me to join your group even as I am "only" bisexual and in deep love with my wife Margret!
Hello all, I've recently published my first novel. it is the first of a trilogy in the MM Romance/Fantasy Adventure genre featuring gay pirates titled The Timeless Tides.  I am not really sure how to get the word out there to promote it.  Just seeing if anyone had any suggestions or if anyone was interested in reading it?
HELLO FOLKS!!Boogie!Lick   
Im Eros kun, the god of the young mens lovers!!
My comissions go under 65-100€Jackdirt 
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Patreon summary! by eroskunlove

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SORA AND ROXAS kingdom hearts 3 by eroskunlove 

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venom  by eroskunlove

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cells at work!! white blood cell by eroskunlove

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Killer T Cell by eroskunlove

So happyAirborne  to know this group and this lovely :happybounce: :happybounce: people :happybounce: :happybounce: