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Fallout Equestria: Grounded page 112

Wowsa! Been pretty busy...or rather distracted. In my defense, full weekend of PAX East occurred! That was awesome- you might have seen me as Izuku Midoriya on Sunday (the too tall one. NOT the short JACKED cosplayer that was there that day) Further to defend my laziness- Ya'll heard of Borderlands 3??!! The preparation replay of 1,2,2.5 must be honored. "My Time at Portia", my next fav game. unbelievably fun, in my opinion. Anyhoo...I finally got off my butt and finished the comic page. I will begin the next page posthaste!
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Hahaha. Looks like Nova's turning into Star Lord! Guardians of the Galaxy Dance Off
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Haha! Yes! I'm glad that some one got my movie reference :D 
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That was cute, can't wait for the next page.
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Good day mate I check this comic for a few months I see you doing nice and if I start my own YouTube channel I start doing a audio comic one just like one from TF2 comics with voice and sound effects so keep going on your work there maybe a new story ready to make when you complete this story here
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Thanks! I'm really enjoying the balance of cute and harsh reality Wink/Razz  
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Forests are honestly a dangerous place to be in, for instance, it muffle sounds, as they echo off trees and shrubs (tho no shrubs here dead ones tho) sight is blocked on all angles around you, ambushes is likely to happen easily, seriously going into a forest is a serious danger. Lots of cover personally if your adapt at hiding and the like, but its a danger to someone who never gone into a forest before.
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That's a very good point! I might have to work that into the dialogue :)
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Heyo! Glad to hear you had fun at the con! :D  Nice to see a new page too!
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Yes! More! Awesome work, keep it up!
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Thanks buddy! I'm becoming increasingly excited as the story evolves and reaches the final chapters!
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I've been occasionally working on cutting up slides and was going to voice some pages, but I got sick for 2 weeks xD and then my full time work came back and hired me. But I am still working on it! And I may get a second voice actor as well!
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