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Fallout Equestria: Grounded page 111

Hope you all think the new page was worth the wait! More soon!
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The 8-bit inventory is my favorite part o' this page! Oh, this comic is so good! I'm glad it updated!
Yaoi in coming XD
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"We've seen it." I have a bad feeling about it, people.
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Imagining the Fallout theme thundering in the background like when you open the door to vault 111 for the first time.
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That was cute and I'm glad he is doing that, the young needs to see the truth of what the Enclave is doing.
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*Looks in the distance* Yep I see a ship coming in.
(you may now hit me for that dumb comment)

Jokes aside, looks like it's time for Nova to take matters into his own hooves.
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What's next for our shy young Pegasus
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> "You took my blanket... while I was still using it."
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Funny thing is, he had his own blanket to take. ;p
It was worth the wait! Nice work :D
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