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Suit Redsigns and Ideas by BoxofLizards Suit Redsigns and Ideas :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 11 6 Klara Redesign (Potential Project) by BoxofLizards Klara Redesign (Potential Project) :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 11 4 Mannlicher-Carcano Modello 1891 Cavalry Carbine by BoxofLizards Mannlicher-Carcano Modello 1891 Cavalry Carbine :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 22 4 White Lightning Character Drawing by BoxofLizards White Lightning Character Drawing :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 6 0 Mauser Gewehr 98 by BoxofLizards Mauser Gewehr 98 :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 21 8 Franziska Fontaine by BoxofLizards Franziska Fontaine :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 12 2 Eileen scrap concepts by BoxofLizards Eileen scrap concepts :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 6 2 Mary Moon Platinum Saguaro Outfit by BoxofLizards Mary Moon Platinum Saguaro Outfit :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 4 0 Mary Moon sketch by BoxofLizards Mary Moon sketch :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 8 0 Alicia and Klara by BoxofLizards Alicia and Klara :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 7 2 Alicia and the shadows of Giants by BoxofLizards Alicia and the shadows of Giants :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 7 0 Quick City Sketch by BoxofLizards Quick City Sketch :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 24 8 Insect Charter- Military Operation by BoxofLizards Insect Charter- Military Operation :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 7 2 Withdraw and Potential Projects 3 by BoxofLizards Withdraw and Potential Projects 3 :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 4 0 Withdraw and Potential Projects 2 by BoxofLizards Withdraw and Potential Projects 2 :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 8 8 Withdraw and Potential Projects 1 by BoxofLizards Withdraw and Potential Projects 1 :iconboxoflizards:BoxofLizards 8 8


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Suit Redsigns and Ideas
As stated in my last drawing of Klara I wasn't too happy with the overall look of the image, thus wanted to do a redesign for a more bulk look. So here is an update on Klara's Suit (Left Image). The overall design is more of an concept as I'm not sure where to take it or if I'll ever finish it.

The Right Image was done for practice as it's been awhile since I've drawn anything thus kind of needed to get back in the grove for a drawing I'm making for a friend of mine. The design was me playing around for ideas. Though I really like where its going, so I may return to it one day.
Klara Redesign (Potential Project)
I started this drawing not too long ago, as I wanted to do a highly detailed drawing of Klara in the same fashion as Alicia. However while working on it I became unsure of it on a number of reasons.

I think Klara's face while one of my best, doesn't fit the character thus I might redraw her (again). Suffering from same face syndrome, I had wanted to give her different ethnicity since if I'm honest the last few sketches of her was just a human version of Fountainhead. Which funny enough this drawing had started out as a sketch for Steel Compass but liked the outfit and wanted to re-purpose it.

Also while I really love the outfit I think I might want to take it in a different direction as I might want to go towards more of a bulky look, almost like the heavy armors from Metro Last Light as that is perhaps one of favorite designs in recent memory.

But I think I might just sit on it for a few months and decide what to do in the future. 
Mannlicher-Carcano Modello 1891 Cavalry Carbine
While not a perfect recreation, I felt this came out better then my previous drawing on the Gewehr. Nevertheless been wanting to draw this gun ever since I bought a similar version about a month ago as seen in my drawing Franziska Fontaine where she is seen holding such a rifle.…

The folding Bayonet beneath the Barrel is perhaps one of my favorite aspects on the weapon as I never really seen such a design feature until recently. 
White Lightning Character Drawing
Working between my next gun drawing and writing, I wanted to do a drawing for a character known as White Lightning.
I've done a few drawings of the character in past, with this redesign I wanted lean in towards the mustache twirling villain fused with the occult and secret societies. While his overall face and body is inspired by a 19th century strongman. 

The name White Lightning is inspired by the song, though within story it's based on his weapon of choice, which fires White Phosphorus. Originally he was called Ballistic K and threw bombs.   
Mauser Gewehr 98
My attempt at a real world weapon rather than my fictional stuff. While not perfect, I felt it came alright. Perhaps one of the most difficult details was the sights as I had to find over a dozen reference images to get it looking decent. 


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