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kamio misuzu

I drew it some days ago when I played Air
I was really touched by the story
Poor girl.........
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The pose...The water...The affect....I love it all!
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air tv~~~
my favorite anime^^
your misuzu is so nice <3
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Nice pose and colours. I love how you coloured her hair.
CBchan's avatar
awesome! I like her pose ^^
anyway, yes, Misuzu is a poor girl~
Minoru-Kokubunji's avatar
This anime was so sad T^T Great job on the picture though :3
kuddlekinss's avatar
Lovely coloring job. :heart:
MetalLearner's avatar
is she "Literally" Walking in the air? :D
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ts-lawan's avatar
really nice drawing! ;D
the colouring and the reflection on the water is awesome ^^
ts-lawan's avatar
yourwelcome! ^.^
horasomni's avatar
love the reflection...i wish i could do that also..but im stuck with the camera...*smile*
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I cried so much when I watched the anime! Every episode since ep.6, I bawled my eyes out. The ending was the most sad though, I couldn't stop crying~ T3T
I really like the opening song "Tori no Uta"! But whenever I listen to it now, it makes me sad lol
I really want to play the game. Did you play the PC version, PSP version or the Playstation version?
Katze-Kazet's avatar
I saw the anime recently and I cired so hard too!! Especially the last part!! I don't think I cried that hard for an anime in a WHILE!! It was good though!! T3T
MissDevil1992's avatar
Omg I know! T3T I agree, I don't think I've cried that much watching anime either XD I had a whole pile of tissues everywhere whilst I was watching it,,, XDDD
The ending! That was especially sad,,, TTATT Though I must agree, AIR is definately one of the best animes I've seen. It was so good I watched all of it in one day XDD
Have you watched the movie? I've got it on my computer but the visuals are completely different to the anime, so it's kind of strange watching it because it doesn' feel like I'm watching AIR lol
Katze-Kazet's avatar
XD I watched the whole thing in one day too! XD Uh-uh.. I haven'tseen the movie..Is it good?
MissDevil1992's avatar
Haha yay! *highfives* XD;; Yeah I've attempted to watch the movie but the visuals are SO different to that of the anime, I was actually surprised. And it's not really done well either ^^; So when I watch it it doesn't feel like I'm watching AIR~ >3< But the basic storyline of the movie is really similar to that of the anime, however they've kind of changed it and made the Summer arc more in-depth. :nod:
Katze-Kazet's avatar
Ahh I see! Hmph.. I hate it when they change things around with anime! It's so annoying!! >.<
MissDevil1992's avatar
I know~! >3< I hate it when they change things around with anime also! XP And also when the company changes in the anime! -A-;; It completely changes the anime all together. When the company of "Minamike" changed in the second season, the art looked completely different, the jokes weren't funny and it just didn't have the same "feel" as the first season. T3T I think the same happened with Code Geasse, and the art of the first episode looks so different to the art of the last episode. ^^;
Katze-Kazet's avatar
Yeah.. that happens alot! X__x.. but I've never watched Code Geass
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DragonQuestWes's avatar
Cute Picture!

I've seen the anime too! :D
kokonAFL's avatar
looks awesome
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