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The Nebula's Tide ch 15
A Council Convenes 
At the center of the battle cruiser’s orbicular holoroom, Admiral Fletcher was a white speck against the obsidian orb of a giant’s eye. The track lights on the floor were dimmed 90 percent so not to compete with the illuminated projections that loomed around the officer. Four massive figures shone before him: General Lo of the Federation’s Star Fleet, Ambassador Windsor of the Galactic Council, Senator Urha of the Interstellar Senate and Secretary of War Montu of the High Galactic Court. All four of their projected faces looked down on the admiral with shadowy contempt as one after another, the General, Ambassador and Senator lashed their heated remarks upon him.
“The doctor’s loss is undoubtably tragic, but your incompetence in the matter is downright inexcusable! What were you thinking, allowing someone of her security level to travel on her own?! And through the Beta, no less!”
“It was my understanding that when we a
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The Nebula's Tide ch 14
Tactical Betrayal 
The double doors to Treta’s office opened, welcoming the captain and the doctor back to the dimly lit quarters and the small party of pirates that awaited them there. Kala’s hand remained in the crook of Treta’s arm, held in place by his paw in a somewhat reassuring, somewhat controlling way. As they approached the Captain’s desk, Kala scanned the faces in the room. Only one was familiar to her.
The Calian’s head followed her movements as they approached, his eyes obscured by the thick blond hair that hung around his snout and long sloping neck. She could hear him sniffing the air as he studied her scent. Kala thought back to her xenology studies and what she had read about the impossible speed of the Calian’s deadly strike. The way he was watching her now, she couldn’t help but hold onto Treta’s arm a little tighter. Cono, if she was remembering his name correctly, gave them a sleepy smile.
Kala could not identify
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Nebula's Tide New Chapter by Boxjelly1

:la: I'm so pleased to share that a new chapter of The Nebula's Tide has FINALLY been posted! :la:
You can read it here on DA:
  The Nebula's Tide ch 12
How to Proceed 
The engine room blast doors slowly opened, moaning under the begrudged weight of grinding metal. Steam shot out from the opening, the air quivering with the escaping heat. Through the cloudy mirage, an alien emerged. Oblivious to the suffocating temperature, he casually walked on, carrying with him a Glass Pad on which his four eyes were glued with focused intent. Nyoto, the Monoceros’ head engineer, was a Star Child, a rare subspecies celestial whose people were most well known for their immunity to the universe’s harshest conditions. This included the vacuum of space itself, from which -it was hypothesized- the Star Children were born.
Walking on four legs, The Star Child boarded a nearby elevator and pressed a button for the top deck. A summons from the Captain was the only thing that could pull him away from his beloved Quantum Drive, especially after such a successful jump. Scrolling through his Glass Pad, he analyzed the waves of data as they roll
Or You can read it on

To celebrate breaking the story's long hiatus, and since it's been quite a while between chapters, I wanted to post a Story Recap to help pick up where Nebula's Tide last left off. 
For those new to the story, and for those who have't read it in a while, here's everything you need to know before reading the recently posted Chapter 12:
  • Dr. Kala Leahy is a Hantae and a medical officer in the Galactic Federation
  • Like all Federation officers, she has a tracking chip that monitors her location and health readings  
  • Kala looks like this:
  • Kalafaces by Boxjelly1 
  • Kala's ship crashes after it's caught in the wake of a mysterious golden comet
  • Kala is captured by a Legrathian Slaver named Artemis Hind and taken to the slave planet Texth to be sold at auction 
  • Hind looks like this: 
  • Artemis HInd by Boxjelly1
  • Kala is purchased by Captain Varden Treta, a famously fearsome pirate lord. Treta, an Asmurian, is both intimidating and intriguing
  • Treta looks like this:
  • Captainvardentreta by Boxjelly1
  • A Zorich Bioman is also purchased and both slaves are delivered to Treta's equally famous ship: The Monoceros. 
  • After a rough night in the brig, Kala is retrieved by the ship's first mate, a Devourer by the name Vico Dioli, and brought to the Captain's cabin. 
  • Vico looks like this: 
  • Dioli by Boxjelly1
  • Captain Treta tells Kala that he'll let her live if she helps him steal the Aceso Power Cores from the Tractatio Medical Center where she was previously stationed 
  • The cores are very valuable, a one of a kind power source
  • Treta tells Kala that he plans to use her knowledge of the station's security, to help his crew break in, take the cores and sell them
  • Kala refuses to betray the Federation and Treta asserts himself by pinning her to the table and cutting the Federation chip from her neck 
  • That night, he hacks into the chip, changing it to make the Federation believe he's torturing Kala. Treta also gathers intel about her sister from the Federation's records to use as blackmail 
  • At a distant Federation station, Admiral Jacob Fletcher is overseeing the search and rescue of the kidnapped Hantae. 
  • He appears more concerned about the political fallout of her abduction than the doctor's safety
  • Once well-meaning, earth-lover Corporal Archibald Heinlein informs them that Kala's captor is none other than the infamous Captain Treta, Fletcher sets his sights on not only saving Kala, but capturing the elusive pirates as well 
  • Fletcher launches all Federation Battle Cruisers in the quadrant in pursuit of the pirates, unknowingly leaving the rest of the territory unguarded  
  • Heinlein looks like this: 
  • Heinlien by Boxjelly1
  • The next day, Kala is summoned again to the Captain's cabin, but not before witnessing the alien diversity that makes up Treta's crew. This causes her to speculate about the Federation's exclusiveness of species and the equality they claim to support 
  • It's on deck where she first lays eyes on Cono, a feral Calian, and wonders about the risks of having such a dangerous alien on-board
  • Cono looks like this: 
  • Calian by Boxjelly1
  • In his cabin, Treta shows Kala that he has eyes on her sister and her patients, and will hurt them all unless she agrees to help him steal the cores 
  • Feeling trapped by his offer, Kala agrees to help him and temporarily join his crew, in exchange for the protection of her sister and the lives of her patients
  • With the Federation warships zeroing in on their location, The Monoceros prepares to jump, but not before Treta forces Kala to destroy her own chip to make them believe she was murdered 
  • The Monoceros uses it's Quantum Drive to open a hidden channel through space and jump to other side of the quadrant just before the Federation ships arrive 
  • Left with an ominous message from Treta, Fletcher retreats to prepare for the fallout that he fears will arise from Kala's murder 
  • The Monoceros appears in the Tractatio Nebula, pulled toward the mass of a white dwarf, and safe from the threat of Federation patrol 
  • When Treta shows Kala her quarters and tells her that she must tend to his crew, Kala refuses and claims she won't heal "murderous beasts"
  • Treta yells at her and calls Kala out on her prejudice. “Don’t start disappointing me now with this Federation superior bullshit," he says. "Before anything else, you’re a physician, Dr. Leahy. And I expect you to honor that code, even when treating my people." 
  • Treta leaves Kala to reflect on her position and takes the helm to steer his ship out of danger from the ravenous outflow of the white dwarf
  • Finally he tells Dioli to summon Cono and the ship's head engineer, a Star Child named Nyoto, to discuss their plans for the Tractatio assault 
  • Nyoto looks like this: 
  • Nyoto by Boxjelly1
And that's it! :dummy: Now that you're all caught up, go read Chapter 12: How to Proceed! If you have any questions, please let me know. I'd be more than happy to answer them and discuss any aspect of the story that you're curious about. Before posting Ch. 12, I did a pretty in depth edit of the previous chapters in which I attempted to fix several plot holes, add important details and just fix some awful phrasing and grammatical errors that were still hanging around. So if you'd like to revisit the story and see what's new, I highly encourage you to check it out from the beginning. 
You can find chapter one here: 
The Nebula's TideSpotting Stars
A golden comet. That was the last thing Dr. Kala Leahy saw before her ship was struck off course. An orange halo, cradling its burning treasure through space, cut suddenly through the spangled darkness. Offsetting the doctor’s equipment as it passed, Kala hardly heard the ship’s warnings before she caught a glimpse of the rare sight.
Comets in the beta quadrant were exceptionally common. But even the most diligent star chasers would not likely spot a golden comet in their entire lifetime. Though its beauty only served to amaze the doctor for a brief moment, it kept Kala’s eyes away from the controls just long enough for a cloud of debris to come racing toward her starboard engine.
The spacerocks collided with the Federation craft and as they shattered, the fiberglass like particles were instantly sucked into the forward compressor, jamming the rotary propulsion and sending the doctor’s ship spiraling out of control.
Kala tore her eyes away from th

Or you can read it here on Inkitt is a lovely platform for hosting fiction, and personally I think it's a much more enjoyable read than the Deviantart format. 
Wherever you read it, I hope you comment and tell me what you think. Your comments, good or bad, are what fuel my creativity and inspire me to continue writing and developing my stories. I already owe you all so much for helping me bring The Nebula's Tide this far. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your ongoing interest and support. I love you all so much, and I can't wait to keep writing and sharing my story with you.

:heart: Sending you all my love :heart: 


Piper Cleaveland
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Art is my obsession! I try to express my creativity any way I can, whether that's through digital media, writing, fanfiction, or other outlets that I've yet to try. I love art but I also love coffee, fashion, travel, movies, elk and interior design.

As you may learn from my gallery, villains are my favorite and I'm a sucker for sappy, tragic romance.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. And may the rest of your day be an awesome one!

Thanks for stopping by!




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