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[Creepypata Oc : Doctor Irina (ref)]

Edit: Changed the age and addd her history
EDIT: Year she was born and age //10-18-2018//

.• If there are anything you don't understand just ask,I don't want you to have any misunderstanding with my OC.
• If you want to review my OC please ask me first ,it is my basic respect.
• Doctor Irina is not copied from Nurse Ann ._. (Read this : )
• Sorry that I couldn't write her story for now cause my English is bad ._. And I'm afraid people will keep complaining about my grammar mistakes so....I'll explain about it with the comic





Doctor Irina

Real Name
Irina Eve Wyles

Name she uses in the public/Alias
Rebecca Delma Redden


Bisexual > Asexual


Age Of Death

193 cm


Body Type


18th of November 1955


American Taiwanese

She knows a lot of languages, but her main ones are English, Spanish, Chinese and Mandarin. 

The Undead




Lily (NaughtyKittyDV-1992)
Lucy (NightmareQueenKasei)

Half brother 




[Her organization] 

it has been built about 13 years ago. She uses her proxies to collect humans and spirits for the sacrificing. 

Proxy mark



Her operator is a Slender-Being creature, who is called Heartbreaker (MikuParanormal).
Dr Irina has been her proxy since she was 35, and it has been about 20 years since she became her proxy. They are also in a secret, romantic relationship.


[Place in HeartBreaker Organization]  


She is the Left hand of Heartbreaker, and the leader of the proxies. Since she's in charge of them, she is an Assassin, Scout and a Medic too.
She's a pretty busy person.



Collecting eyeballs
Black Market
Abusing her victims
Stormy/rainy days
Fluffy and soft stuff




Being looked down at


[Occupation (before death)] 

She was a doctor from Holy Lorna Hospital.


[Cause of Death]  

She was killed by a chainsaw, having been chopped to pieces by a doctor who lost control.




Circular saw
Objects she is able to find at the moment
Satanic energy
Her fists

 [ On 6 pm,6th of June 1934]

[As Rebecca Delma Redden]  


To make extra money, Dr Irina would work in her public clinic. When she pretends to be this character, she wears a fake human mask to make herself look like a normal human being.  She does not allow people calling her her real name in public.
She will work for money in her clinic if she's free at day times, and she will find targets and hunt for them in middle of the night.


[Satanic Energy] 


This demonic energy was given to her by her demon master, KADOKKA.
She mostly uses it when there are serious situations, especially with attacking or reviving functions.
She can be killed by them easily.


  [Functions Of Satanic Energy] 


She can shape the aura energies in the shape of arrows, using them to struggle or grab objects with it.

She can use 3 times a day, of which the limit is 10 minutes.
At this point she will be exhausted and feeling dizzy. She will need 2 hours to recover the energy lost.
If she overuses her power, her flesh will start to melt like liquid until her bones, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth will have begun to bleed severely- or some of the body parts will be temporarliy paralyzed.
She needs 5 hours to recover her energy lost, and a day to let her molten flesh grow back.

It is a short form of teleportation, and can be used to teleport distances of about 100 metres. 

She is able to move objects with this ability, but overuse will cause headaches and  dizziness.

Healing/Relocating wounds 
She is able to cure any wounds and broken bodyparts with this ability, and relocate any wounds from one person to the next. Se will feel exhausted if she uses it a lot. She will either faint, or her eyes, ears, nose and mouth will start to bleed severely.

Reanimating a deceased person to live.
This will cause a lot of damage to herself. Her body will melt and her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth will begin to bleed severely.
There will be 90% chance she will not survive after reviving a person, and even if she stays alive she will not able to move for months.
Her flesh will take even more time growing back compared to other cases.
Another way to stay alive after veviving someone is if her master, KADOKKA, saves her and fixes or heals her body.


[Method of Killing] 


There are a few types of people that Dr Irina will kill:
People she needs to take revenge on,
People she needs to kill on missions,
Young ladies,
and virgin women.

She mostly kills her victims by using scalpels, and chopping them into pieces with a chainsaw or circular saw.
She will use guns for long distance attacks.
If her enemies are really hard to defeat, she will uses the satanic energys to fight them. It is very powerful and could kill any living being easily - and even undead beings, like spirits.
However, her body will suffer a lot of damage too. She will sacrifice the bodies, souls or organs of her victims to her demon master,KADOKKA.
She loves playing "surgery games" with her victims in her basement, too. She will abuse her victims in tons of cruel ways, harming and abusing them slowly until they die.
She also loves brainwashing her victims, and make them kill themselves.
If Dr. Irina fails to kill her enemies, she will take revenge on their family or relatives.


  [Motive to kill] 


Dr Irina DOES NOT like killing, but she cannot stop herself.
Her demon master wants her to collect human bodies or souls for him to make him grow stronger, or else;
Her mother will be abused, and will be in lot of pain in hell for therest of eternity.
She had no choice, and had to become a killing machine. All she wants is to save her mother from the agony.
She is selfish and doesn't care about other people.
Another reason is because of the missions she receives, because then she needs to kill other people in order to complete them.
Not only that, but killing gives her an excited feeling.
She loves to see people being in pain, moaning,and crying for help.
It always make her feel excited.~



"You'll be the patient of my surgery."
"They're watching."
"I'm the only person that can fix you."


Comic :


Doctor Irina © BoXGirlVivi

Pariah © BoXGirlVivi 


HeartbreakerWoman © MikuParanormal 

Lucy © NightmareQueenKasei 

Lily © NaughtyKittyDV-1992

Grammatical correction: NightmareQueenKasei 
Editing, coding, and additional grammatical correction: EvilCharlotte 


-5 Years Old-
At this age, her father trained her very strictly and was always cold towards her; due to the fact she was not a boy.
He wanted her to become the perfect kid full of talents and skills, that most children her age did not possess. Thanks to his cold treatment and harsh disciplining, Irina had an incredibly hard childhood since that age.

-13 Years Old-

Around this time, her parents would be occasionally fighting about Irina's future occupation. Her father wanted her to follow in his footsteps and take his president place, but Irina actually wanted to be a doctor when she would grow up.
During one of the fights, Irina's father pushed her mother down the stairs on accident. The woman died right in front of her daughter, leaving the girl scarred with the sight.
From that time on, Irina was afraid of blood .

-14 Years Old-
Irina's best friend, Chloe, left the school they both attended without any explaination.
On tp of that, Irina's father had become alcoholic, using all the money they possessed to buy himself alcoholic beverages and weed.
He ended up being fired by the company he was working at before, and was replaced by his brother.
Her father would then always get drunk, and come home at around midnight every single day. He would then give her a beating first, which quickly develped into sexual abuse.

To gain more money to buy himself alcohol, he used Irina's perfect body as a product to make profit off - forcing her to have sex with other men for money.
Irina had meanwhile develped a habit of harming herself, by cutting her arm with sharp objects as a way to relieve her stress due to the abuse she was suffering from.
One day, Irina's aunty tried to save her from her father, who was attempting to rape his daughter in one of his drunk fits. As a reslt, her aunty had no choice but to kill Irina's father with a gun - shooting him in order to keep her niece safe.
Since Irina did not have any other parental figures watching over her after her father's death, her aunty decided to adopt Irina as her own daughter.

-15 Year Old-
Irina found out she was pregnant, for about 2 months, on January, when she was 15 years old. Her aunty immediatly wanted her to have an induced abortion, but Irina was too afraid of the consequences - and not only that, btu she believed it was cruel towards the child. She decided to give birth to the baby, and did not attend school until her pregnancy was over.

-16 to 17 year old-
Irina was finally safe at her new school, where nobody knew about her past. She was a longer in a regual class, but if a random classmate would come and talk with her, she would not reject them unlike before.

-18 to 22 year old-
Irina's aunty sent her to a medical college when she was 18, where she studied at until the age of 22. Everything was peaceful that time, there were some people from her old school in the college as well butover time and combined with the busy life at college, the rumors and dramas from the past were slowdrifting away into nothingness.
She gained a boyfriend who was named Noah, and while he knew about her past, he didn't care it, he understood her and quickly grew to be the only person she fully trusted, next to her aunty of course.

-23 to 27 year old-
During the first year of working in a hospital, everything was going well. That lasted until the next year, because of a person who was transferred to the hospital; it was Pariah. 
Irina didn't suspect that she would became a doctor too since she said she wanted to become an engineer, back in the day they still were friends. Pariah started to spread rumors around the hospital, and Irina's colleagues started to staying away from her. As a result, she became a loner once again.
Her aunty passed away because of the cancer she had when she was 24, and when she was feeling most helpless. The only person who could help her get rid of this feeling was her fiance,Noah - but it was hard to see him regularly, since he worked at another hospital. Every thine they were free, they'd meet eachother.

There were a few times Pariah attempted to frame her. 
Irina was the main doctor during surgeries; So one time, Pariah put a piece of bandage inside the patient's body. This caused the patient to feel ill after the surgery, and everyone blamed it on Irina. She almost lost her job after that incident.
When she was 27 year old, while she was doing an enourmous surgery, Pariah managed to make Irina trip, causing her to fall. The scalpel in her hand stabbed right through the patient's heart as a result, killing them instantly due to heart failure and blood loss. Since it was an accident and thus couldn't count as murder, Irina was  fired and her license was taken away. However, she wasn't charged with anything else.

After she left the hospital, she went on to live with Noah. He didn't know what had happened, thanks to the hospital paid a large sum of bribe money to the patient's family - wanted them to keep their mouth shut, since they didn't want their reputation lying in shambles.
While Irina continued to live with Noah, she secretly began to plan out her revenge, in the basement of their shared house.

-28 to 33  Year Old-
Irina began to perform her revenge, wearing a fake human mask and different clothes while going in the hospital. Before that she would hack the security cameras before going inside, since it would be safer. She would turn herself into a nurse or other doctor in the hospital, then kill their patients with toxic or strong medicines, or steal the organs that were needed for transplantation. She would do this every two weeks.

One time, Irina went back to the hospital as usual and killed a male doctor with a circular saw, which was in the surgery room. It was seen by a nurse, who called the guards to take her down. Pariah quickly followed after the police arrived, and paid them a lot of money before they took Irina away.
Soon after, she was brought to an asylum.

The people who were kept inside would be abused and harmed until they died.
Noah visited Irina after she was locked up about a day. He was aware that once she was locked up here, she would not be able to step out the asylum again - but he told her once she would be free, he would marry her.

Irina later received a message from the patient next door, telling her her daughter had died in an accident while the police had been busy bringing her here. This caused Irina to completely lose it, leading her to the path of insanity.
She would be tortured in the asylum every day, being splashed with cold water whenever she'd lose consciousness  so she would be fully awake during the entire punishment.

-34 Year Old-
Irina died at aged 34, by the hands of a doctor the lost control with a chainsaw. He chopped her into pieces, but that wasn't then end of it for Irina.
A demon, going by the name of KADOKKA, revived her, granting her life after death by turning her into an undead. He told her that she would be able to use her body to complete her act of revenge, and that, as soon as it was finished, he would return to take her soul away. However, once she had completed it, KADOKKA never took her soul away - instead, he made her into a servant, using her for collecting spirits and humans that would serve as sacrifises for him.

At Christmas day, Irina found out that Noah had married another woman. Unaware of the fact he had been forced to marry the lady by his family, she murdered the entire family and burned down the house at mightnight. When she returned, her master KADOKKA told her that Noah's heart still belonged to her, and that he never had any children with his wife. Even better, he had been planning on divorcing her; and once Irina heard this, she regretted everything she did. She blamed everything on the world around her, and on God, for not bothering to save or help her when she needed it most.

-35 Year Old to 55 Year Old-

At aged 35, Irina became a proxy of HeartBreaker (MikuParanormal), where she was trained by the military for around 6 years. After that, she took the position of Leader of the Proxies and Left Hand of Heartbreaker herself.(gewijzigd)



Comic :


Doctor Irina © BoXGirlVivi

Pariah © BoXGirlVivi 


HeartbreakerWoman © MikuParanormal 

Lucy © NightmareQueenKasei 

Lily © NaughtyKittyDV-1992

Grammatical correction: NightmareQueenKasei 
Editing, coding, and additional grammatical correction: EvilCharlotte 

official information :…
official new Designs :…

For dear Teearnna

these are the official and real information of Jane The Killer,and I'm not only spreading these information to YOU only.  I spread it on Facebook,G+,Twitter,Lofter,Weibo, Instagram, comics reader apps and communities of Creepypasta too, i also spread the information to the Asia Creepypasta  fandom.

I'm an Spokeswoman,and my job is spreading the true,real information of Jane The Killer ,and this is a serious job,if i lie i could be report and being blackmailed, people probably will post a video of me spreading the fake informations on YouTube. Do you even know how serious this is ?

i know you like JeffxJane but you shouldn't commented a “FAKE” below the pic, because some people will attack you .

if you don't believe what I'm saying,you can go ask the official of Jane The Killer FearOfTheBlackWolf  ,A.K.A MrAngryWolf.



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Hello there ! Welcome to my page ! I'm BoXGirlVivi,you guys could just call me Vivi or Vivien. I'm 16 and from Malaysia. My English is not good cause it's not my mother-tune so yeah ;w; Please don't be so hard on me,I'm still learning.

Most of my arts may contain gory,dark theme (negative arts),BL,GL,own original characters,Creepypasta OC. My some of my arts also content mature,so please do not talk shit about my art in a really rude and bad way if you don't like it.

All of my characters are original,their design and information,if you saw any character's design or information look similar to my character,that'all be coincidence. This happened to me and my friends too.

P.S. Please DO NOT copy any artists' characters,please be creative or you'll get into trouble,people may reporting you. If you reference any artists' arts or characters please credit the artist.

Languages I know : Chinese||English||Spanish (a bit)||

哈咯!歡迎來到我的Deviantart頁面!我叫BoXGirlVivi 盒子女薇薇,你們叫我盒子就可以了!(●′ω`●)我今年16歲,是馬來西亞人。

我的圖大部分都包含獵奇血腥,黑暗主題(負面),負面訊息,原創角色,Creepypasta OC,BL,GL。我部分的圖包含成人主題(R+18),請不要在我的圖地下留言一些無禮的留言。



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