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The buddies of the Galar Region!

By BoxBird
Quick drawing because I also wanted to draw them uwu
Enjoy it!
Q: Which is your favorite starter Pokémon of Pokémon Sword/Pokémon Shield? Mine is Sobble c:
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Final thoughts on SwSh?

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Awwww! My fav is absolutely Scorbunny

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My fave is Scorbunny.
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Grookey about to fuck up scorbunny if he don't let go of his stick
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sobble in shield scorbunny in sword team for sword scorbunny might be fire/eletric or fire/steel in final evo sobble idk
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Adorable art!
I totally plan on going with the little water boi. He's just so freaking cute and, if the starter theme theory about each representing a different type of entertainment is correct and Sobble is supposed to be theater, then I have no doubt its final evolution will be awesome. It'll either be badass or really graceful and honestly, I'm chill with either. :D (Big Grin) 
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I really love your lineart! And these starters are,,,,,,,,,,, so cute,,,,,,,
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Is will start with all three xD
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They're all really cute, but I'd have to pick Scorbunny.
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Good quick drawing! About the question: My favorite is Scorbunny! :3
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me is Scorbunny ^^
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Can't wait to see what they evolve into! Sobble is my favorite too followed by Grookie.
*Holds Scorbunny* I don't care if he winds up being fire/fighting. I'm gonna love him. *Bursts into flames* This is perfectly acceptable!
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Cute pictures here :aww::heart:
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Awesome work on this. The blue one is my favorite.
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my fav is grookey!
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Scorbunny's My Favourite! :)
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Can't tell if you're trolling or not.
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Its not a troll at all. I heard gen 8 will only be for the switch wich i dont have
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Sorry bud, but that's how the tech industry works. When a piece of tech becomes obsolete, companies stop working for it.

The 3DS was a fine system, but the Switch is the next big thing and there's nothing we can do about it.
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