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OMG I just made it D-: almost forgot about this. go figure.

In the DA World:
Uh........yeah. On a kind of hiatus. Life is crazy right now so between school, volunteer hours, and work, I have like no free time so I probably wont be updating my art very often it at all. WHICH IS REALLY UPSETTING BECAUSE I DON'T EVEN GET TO TAKE ART AT SCHOOL ANYMORE D-: oh well.

In Life:
Entered a piece in an art auction with the theme "We are the World." I'll post how much it went for once I find out. So excited!!! c:

In Commissions:
Anyone? No? Really? Oh well. If you're interested send me a note.

In Art:
Trying to develop a reasonable portfolio for college. I am thus-far unsuccessful. If anyone has any tips for making a portfolio, PLEASE, do tell.

In Gifts/Requests:
Anyone? Seriously guys, I don't have a lot of time to myself, but the time I do have I would like to use for art. Even if you don't request something throw some ideas out there for me to draw. I have a major art block.

In Everything Else:
9 is an adorable movie. Short, but adorable. I recommend it. Jennifer's Body, however, is an epic fail and you shouldn't waist your money on it.


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1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.
Tagged by :icontsunamithedemon: and :icontachitachi:

1. I cannot survive without my friends. Most importantly :icontsunamithedemon: and A.B.E

2. I always start conversation with people when I'm in the middle of something. Which usually results in them getting mad at me because the think I'm ignoring them when I get to caught up in what I'm doing.

3. I judge people really quickly. Fortunately I'm open-minded so I give them a chance anyway.

4. I am obsessed with my art. Seriously.

5. I do not like Twilight. At all. It's cliche and started a creepy vampire trend.

6. I am a drama queen. Fortunately I usually don't express it much, but I go crazy in my head.

7. I am incredibly loud and obnoxious. Anyone who knows me can tell you that. I am quite quiet around new people though, just so I don't scare them off.

8. I'm eccentric. My mother once threatened to leave me in New York while we were on vacation just so she wouldn't have to deal with it anymore and I would fit in.

9. I love my puppy dog. c:

10. I'm a total pain in ze butt. Just ask :icontsunamithedemon: she'll agree.

I Tag:
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I figured you guys would be interested in what I have to say…Okay so I don’t really think anyone cares about what I have to say. If I was Achmed the Dead Terrorist, then people might care about what I have to say, but I’m not so they don’t.

For those of you who don’t care, but have stuck around thus far simply because you can’t look away, great. You all get to read my inane ramblings. Isn’t that great? c:

So I thought that since I never use my journal (seriously I don’t…like…EVER) I would try to get in the habit of at least bringing you guys into the loop at least once a month.  So wish me luck with that and remind me if I seem to forget.  And I’m going to try to be neat and organized about it, separating my silly ramblings from my business ramblings from my miscellaneous ramblings…or something like that. And if that didn’t make any sense, just read on. You’ll probably figure it out.

In the DA World:
As you can probably tell, the majority of my art was done in recent months. I plan on uploading some of my earlier work sometime in September after I replace my computer. I also plan on uploading some of my larger works and more…3-Dimensional works around then as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep to that schedule (depends on how long it takes for my sister to agree with me on what type of computer we want). I’m also working on a webcomic over at :iconovertimetwins: (you can also find it on smackjeeves) so please, please, please check that out when you have time.

In Life:
Just finished an art gallery and portfolio class at CMU (Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh) and finished one 2x4 ft. and two 8x10 in. paintings. My sister already claimed the 2x4 for her next apartment and, provided none of my immediate family or friends show any interest in the other two, I plan on selling them on my website. I also go back to school on the 27 of this month (in ten days) so I probably won’t be uploading art as frequently.

In Commissions:
Commissions are open to anyone interested. Keep in mind that the price depends on how expensive the piece is, the difficulty of the piece, and the time it takes to complete the piece. I don’t frame, back, etc. my work unless it’s specifically requested (it may also cost a bit extra depending on what needs to be done). I also don’t cover shipping costs. So…I guess that factors in to the total cost as well. The good news is that I do try to keep my prices relatively low. I know what it’s like to not be able to afford something.

In Art:
As many of you already know, back in the spring I won a competition and now have a piece on display at the Holocaust Centre in Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill). The topic/theme of the piece is “Children of the Holocaust” and it’s a painting of a young boy whose hands were sculpted to come off the page to cling to wires that span the length of the canvas. I’ll post a picture of it once I get my new computer.

In Gifts/Requests:
Art trades are open. Requests are open. And…I don’t think I have anyone waiting for gift art at the moment. The number of art trades I will take are completely unlimited. However, I will only take 10 requests at a time. You can find the number of open slots for requests at the top of my description under my DeviantArt ID.

In Everything Else:
Saw G.I. Joe the other day and I must say I TOTALLY APPROVE. Although I do think they could have crammed a little less into it and limited the amount craziness and flashbacks a tad. The insane number of flashbacks made it slightly hard to follow, but other than those little things it was totally worth it.
Also, am I the only person my age who wants to see Ponyo and The Princess and the Frog?

AND……………………I think that’s it. Thanks for putting up with me guys c:
I <3 you all!
Achmed the Dead Terrorist is from a Jeff Dunham skit. If you don’t know who Jeff Dunham is you need to Google him now.
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Mhhm. So my name is Suzie.

I paint, I sketch I sculpt...I do a lot. I don't think there are many art forms I haven't at least attempted. I have a tendency to ramble on about nothing when I don't know what to say, or when I can't keep myself focused on one thing, or any time really. I do it all the time. Like right now.

I've been working on my art since I was a kid. when I was five my mom enrolled me in art classes run by my mentor and best friend, Terri Perpich. Terri has been absolutely amazing to me my entire life and is one of the all around greatest people I know. She is a professional artist, but sadly doesn't really have much internet knowledge and therefore doesn't have a site...or a DA. Although I don't blame her for either. She's a bit classy for the internet and really doesn't need it because she's just that awesome.

I've taken art classes and lessons from Terri since I was that makes it about eleven years now. She introduced me to a ton of different art styles, forms, techniques, etc. and really helped me build up my own art quirks. there's that.

Oh! And I participate in different art galleries, contests, festivals, cons, and stuff like that throughout Pennsylvania. And I have my own site, and it's neat. Check it out some time if you can. And I recently placed first in a visual arts Children of the Holocaust competition. My piece is currently being displayed at the Holocaust museum in Pittsburgh. So that's cool.

I have a dog. She's a mutt (a mix between a Spitz and a Lab I think) and she's the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Uh, I also have a sister, who is absolutely nothing like me but somehow we make it work. I don't think we've ever had a fight about anything. Seriously. That may also be because she's ten years older than I am. Who knows. Oh, and I'm adopted. Happened when I was a baby so I don't really know much about it. Don't really care that much about it either. My parents are my parents, end of story. Blood relation has nothing to do with it. Your parents are the people who raised you and love you. They are your family. And my dog's name is Zoe.

I like warm weather and want to live someplace where it is always sunny, despite my pale complexion. I can't stand winter. The thought of winter sends me into some sort of temporary depression. It's not fun. Spring is my favourite season by far though. Even though my allergies drive me crazy.

I like to think that I'm generally a good person. I'm pretty open minded and have a tendency to want to try just about anything. So long as it isn't potentially detrimental to my well being. I also like to travel. The cultures of foreign countries fascinate me and I love to learn about them. I'm usually a friendly person, 99% of the time I'm in a good mood and it's pretty hard to upset me. I don't put up with gossipers, back stabbers, rude people, etc. So don't be like that please. It's not very nice. Also, stealing art from anybody is a felony. Meaning it's illegal. Meaning DON'T DO IT. Thank you.

Oh! I'm also a girl. Just in case you were wondering. =]