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Bowrin has its own discord server!! Comment below to get an invite <3
Hello everybody!!

Welcome to Bowrin!!

We are happy to have been able to finnaly get our group out on DA and because of this we want to give a special gift!!

When you go ahead and start to make your myo then you get to do something special!!

You can choose to either give your little owling a multi colored horn like that of our mascot Millie or you can choose one upgrade from the shop and apply it to your myo!!

We hope you all have a great day <3

~The Bowrin team
When your owling is 4 weeks old it can grow up and become a adult Bowrin. However you don’t have to grow up your owling you can keep them a baby for forever but that will mean they don’t have acces to adult only upgrades.

Here is How you grow up your owling:

1: Reply to the featured comment below with a fully up to date, all upgrades included, reference of your owling and the date that the owlings registration was was posted on DA.

2: wait for an Admin to reply to your comment with which body type your owling will have when becomming a Bowrin. There are 3 Normal (a just a bigger version of your owling), Fur (adds amounts of fur in certain parts of the body) and Starlight (mysterious stars will swirl around your Bowrins body). All body type previous can be found amongst the resources.

3: Make a new reference on the application sheet!

4: Head on over to the registration station reply there just like when you registrated your owling.

5: wait for approval...

6: once approved you can upload your Bowrin to the “Approved Bowrin” folder and your good to go!

“Hello there!!” A happy Bowrin approches you as you come closer to the overfilled stall. “I am Chester a merchant as you can see”. Chester tells you as he observes you to see if he can find a bag with coins you might have. “Ya looking for something special? Well you have come to the right place”.”Welcome to the marketplace here all sorts of stuff is sold”. You look around and see multiple stalls. Forgetting Chester you wander off to check out the rest of the stuff.

But now for real!! Your are indeed in the marketplace and here are upgrades, items and tickets sold. Let me explain how it works.

First of all before anything can be upgraded you need Silver coins. How do you get em?? Simple draw or write about your Bowrin to gain them or buy them right here in the shop for neat little Deviantart points.

1 point = 1 Silver

The amounts you get for a drawing:

Sketchy: 1 Silver

line art: 2 Silvers

Flat color: 1 Silver

Shaded: 2 Silvers (only count this for the overall picture)

Headshot: 1 Silver

partialshot: 2 Silvers

Fullbody: 3 Silvers

Pixel: 2 Silvers

Animation: 2 Silvers (per frame)

Gift art: 2 Silvers per Bowrin present in the drawing.

For writing:

Per 100 words: 5 Silver

Per owned Bowrin present in the story (Bowrin you own): 10 Silver

Per unowned Bowrin present in the story (Bowrin of other users): 15 Silver

The silvers go to the person that uploads the picture!! You can commision people to make art for you and if you yourself upload the picture to the group you will get the silvers.

Keep in mind that once you have chosen the upgrades you want you go to design changes and follow all the steps that need to be taken that are written down there!!

Now into the goodies all upgrades and items are sorted into catagory. Markings are under markings etc.


(markings can be placed anywhere on the Bowrins body and the tail bow can be marked as well)

0b20f9fe-8a67-40a0-ad05-32a60f77aeaf by EclipseOceloteJaguar spots, 250 silvers.
60af6449-bebf-4771-b0cb-5c90dc3b6014 by EclipseOcelotePython, 200 silvers.
9ed9c94c-9bb5-4772-a244-dae01f323d25 by EclipseOceloteDrop spots, 150 silvers.
Fc638092-082f-44fe-8a05-46cdb242dc78 by EclipseOceloteFancy circles, 250 silvers.
5852ffa5-bba7-49c2-a903-9c1142e61ec1 by EclipseOceloteWarning spots, 100 silvers.
Dc1e9ffd-34a4-4022-a1e9-cabac1b412ed by EclipseOceloteGradient, 100 silvers.
Ec64126f-59fb-49b3-9071-1ed48341556b by EclipseOceloteSpots, 75 silvers.
5e5873cf-a7d0-486b-8ade-a96c276936b9 by EclipseOceloteShiny glimmer, 250 silvers.
08b2e3c1-73f2-4323-ba6a-effd63f03232 by EclipseOceloteCyborg, 200 silvers.
1a5f6169-5cb2-4fa5-92ff-c732b154f460 by EclipseOceloteSmall bands, 75 silvers.
1773f5fd-c544-4244-8a62-fd46737a8bf2 by EclipseOceloteTiger stripes, 100 silvers.


Scales, 400 silvers
(Scales that grow in small patches on the body, will never fully cover up all of the skin. Draw you Bowrin with a basket of fish)

Fur body, 400 silvers
(short fur will grow all over over the body, can be straight or curly)

baby wings, 50 silvers
(Really small wings that grow on the back of the Bowrin. Can be either feathered, dragon or bug wings. Draw you Bowrin bird watching)

Add pupil, 15 silvers
(Lets you add a pupil to your Bowrins eyes.)

Add a bow, 500 silvers
(Lets you add bows to your Bowrin a max of 4. Draw your Bowrin around fabric)

Growing a mane, 40 silvers
(Lets you add a mane to your Bowrins neck, it cant grow further then just above the shoulder. The lenght, style and Color are all free for you to pick)

baby teeth, 35 silvers
(Sharp little teeth for chomping. Draw your Bowrin biting something or someone.)

Horn starter, 50 silvers
(small little round horns like those of a giraffe but without fur. Can be placed on the nose there you can only place one. Can be placed behind the horn and there you can place on on either side of the head.)

Bow shape changer, 350 silvers
(changes the shape of a bow. Can be all bows or only 1 of them that changes)

baby tail, 150 silvers
(a small tiny tail, any type or style allowed ex: pony tail, shark tail, curly tail. It does have to be very small in this stage. You are not allowed to add things like stingers onto a baby tail.)

adult only:

Full grown wings, 400 silvers
(your Bowrin can fly with full grown wings, the wings will grow from baby wings. If you picked baby bug wings then the full grown wings will Also be a type of bug wing.)

tusks, 450 silvers
(You are required to have baby teeth first. Large tusks in any shape grow from the corner of the mouth. The tusks cant be longer Then the lenght of the ears.)

full grown tail, 250 silvers
(A full grown tail is a bigger version of the baby tail. On a full grown tail you are allowed to add a stinger to a smooth type tail. No Fluffy tails with stingers)

Full grown horns, 150 silvers
(You need a horn starter first!! If the horn starter is placed on the nose then the horn only gets bigger and doesnt change shape. If it was placed on the head I can become any antler type or just large pointed horns)

frills, 500 silvers
(Large leather like, fish tail shaped flaps that grow on the neck of your bowrin)

Back Fins, 150 silvers
(A fin that grows on your Bowrins back. Draw your Bowrin swimming)

Extra items:

Same sex breeding substance
(one gold coin will be transformeren into substance, you start out with 2 gold coins and every 100 silvers you earn you will get a new gold coin)
Ask all your questions here and a admin will anwser them!!

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