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Transformers 3

Recently read Transformers 3 "Dark of the moon", 3D effect is really great! Speed ​​painting in PS~;)
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Awesome artwork of Optimus.
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Optimus! *Hugs Optic's around the neck.* Your my roll model! :)
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Magnificent, amazing!
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wait what did you paint this in/on??
Crystal-Firefly's avatar
Optimuuuus! ;)
He's great.
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Uuuuuh my fuckin' god.... ♥___♥
BlossomDart217's avatar
Well funny time RP as Ravage: is cornerd by Optimus-picture pops up and it was the same on as this- me: slag...
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That is a great pictures
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wow nice art picture, looks like a photo
crazygamerrofl's avatar
wow good job with the details!!
WolvesAreTheBomb's avatar
Optimus is such badass
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Optimus...all i ever wanted was the sur vival of our race.You must see why i had to betray you. EPIC!
destroyer3646's avatar
Whoops! survival
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jdskfjslkfjlsfls THIS IS AMAZINGGGGG
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whoooaaa....nice arts...
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Awesome work I am speechless =D
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