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REQUEST: Vinca by Bowgirl5 REQUEST: Vinca :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 21 4 REQUEST: Wynter Fallow by Bowgirl5 REQUEST: Wynter Fallow :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 21 2 REQUEST: Pause the Hedgehog. by Bowgirl5 REQUEST: Pause the Hedgehog. :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 22 3 GIFT ART: Happy Birthday RubySpoon!!!! by Bowgirl5 GIFT ART: Happy Birthday RubySpoon!!!! :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 35 6 REQUEST: For Floofpuppy by Bowgirl5 REQUEST: For Floofpuppy :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 30 15 ADAM Issue 7: A Ray of Hope, Page 20 by Bowgirl5 ADAM Issue 7: A Ray of Hope, Page 20 :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 16 0 ADAM Issue 7: A Ray of Hope, page 19 by Bowgirl5 ADAM Issue 7: A Ray of Hope, page 19 :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 18 2 REQUEST: Rocky in ADAM style. by Bowgirl5 REQUEST: Rocky in ADAM style. :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 26 2 ADAM Issue 7:A Ray of Hope, Page 18 by Bowgirl5 ADAM Issue 7:A Ray of Hope, Page 18 :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 18 0 REQUEST: Patches by Bowgirl5 REQUEST: Patches :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 23 3 REQUEST: Yukiyo The siberian Wolf. by Bowgirl5 REQUEST: Yukiyo The siberian Wolf. :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 21 0 REQUEST: Eileen Stripes by Bowgirl5 REQUEST: Eileen Stripes :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 20 2 REQUEST: Zander The Hedgehog by Bowgirl5 REQUEST: Zander The Hedgehog :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 27 6 REQUEST: Akailu the Holo-Husky. by Bowgirl5 REQUEST: Akailu the Holo-Husky. :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 27 2 REQUEST: Elion Farahra the Merhog. by Bowgirl5 REQUEST: Elion Farahra the Merhog. :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 27 0 REQUEST: Rachel The Hedgehog! by Bowgirl5 REQUEST: Rachel The Hedgehog! :iconbowgirl5:Bowgirl5 22 0
endless romantic stories by T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D endless romantic stories by T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D

Sleeping on a ring by StR-Lite
New artwork whenever I can upload! XD


Photo Study 05 by LilyOndine Photo Study 05 :iconlilyondine:LilyOndine 19 2 101 Dalmatian family (practice draw) by Wildfriendsdesigns 101 Dalmatian family (practice draw) :iconwildfriendsdesigns:Wildfriendsdesigns 2 0 Campfire by LilyOndine Campfire :iconlilyondine:LilyOndine 50 10 [Art Trade]: Kei Uno by AaronKasarion [Art Trade]: Kei Uno :iconaaronkasarion:AaronKasarion 13 4 Paypal Commissions 1 and 2 by AaronKasarion Paypal Commissions 1 and 2 :iconaaronkasarion:AaronKasarion 7 1 Sonic Resurgence (Reboot) Page 19 by AaronKasarion Sonic Resurgence (Reboot) Page 19 :iconaaronkasarion:AaronKasarion 15 2 dragondrian adopts (1/3) by CrimsonTagger dragondrian adopts (1/3) :iconcrimsontagger:CrimsonTagger 15 18 featured seedrian for july 2018 by CrimsonTagger featured seedrian for july 2018 :iconcrimsontagger:CrimsonTagger 17 3 Poncho the poncho lover by CrimsonTagger Poncho the poncho lover :iconcrimsontagger:CrimsonTagger 22 8 Sonic Adoptables 12 by AnettRuby Sonic Adoptables 12 :iconanettruby:AnettRuby 20 32 [Commission] Evelyn Hannah Shinozaki-Beauchamp-Gal by e-mancipate [Commission] Evelyn Hannah Shinozaki-Beauchamp-Gal :icone-mancipate:e-mancipate 80 22 [CE] Sing With Me by e-mancipate [CE] Sing With Me :icone-mancipate:e-mancipate 140 31 Bee by BananaBu Bee :iconbananabu:BananaBu 32 3 PortraitW by MLSNight PortraitW :iconmlsnight:MLSNight 16 0 FriskW by MLSNight FriskW :iconmlsnight:MLSNight 46 2 REdrawMarie by MLSNight REdrawMarie :iconmlsnight:MLSNight 14 0
Aquatic Ambiance by StarryWave Aquatic Ambiance by StarryWave
amazing artwork from amazing people.


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(free) bouncing point by SqdPxl Pixel Tip Jar by SyllArtemis (free) bouncing point by SqdPxl
If you guys would like to donate points or just tip me for my artwork, well here is the place to do it. ^V^

Btw, I'm will randomly change the numbers every now and then and I rlly know which number to put up there, so it's just gonna be random. Or either a number higher than the orginal.

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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome {Free to use} by TheJanie

at closed - f2u by catpIush gifts - f2u by catpIush comm closed - f2u by catpIush req closed - f2u by catpIush

About me {Free to use} by TheJanie
F2U | Arrows Divider by UmieArt F2U | Arrows Divider by UmieArt F2U | Arrows Divider by UmieArt

Hey! Welcome to my Page, my name is Bowgirl5. You can also call me BG5, BG, Bow, bowgirl, or Ray. Whichever one fits you the most.
A few things about me are that:
* by KittyrockerI love comics
* by KittyrockerI love playing video games ( mostly sonic games. or action and adventure.)
* by KittyrockerI love the colors blue, green, and black.
* by KittyrockerI have 2 cats, and 2 tetras.
* by KittyrockerI am a Christian.
* by KittyrockerI'm actually a k12 student and proud!
* by Kittyrocker On my free time I like to do archery.
* by Kittyrocker I love to go off-roading with friends and family.
* by Kittyrocker I love, love, love.... chocolate! and chocolate ice cream!
* by Kittyrocker I'm mostly a tomboy, I just dont like bugs.
* by Kittyrocker I'm a huge sonic fan, and have been one ever since I was 6.

Anyway, I'm a self taught digital and tradiontal artist, and have been drawing ever since I was 4 years old. I write comics and love to animate on my free time, I love sonic games and have been a huge fan of sonic since I was 6 years old.

I have a series called "ADAM" which was inspired by the Sonic archie comics, and I've been drawing them for about 3 years now, and I started drawing or coming up with the design of my series ever since I was 12 years old. I'm now Trying to focus my career on becoming a freelance artist, or a 2D animator. Anyway I hope you have an amazing time here while visiting my page. :D

Sonic King by Paumol My birthday badge

Types of art styles that I draw:

blue square by Drawn-Mario Comics.
blue square by Drawn-Mario Cartoons.
blue square by Drawn-Mario realistic humans/ animals.
blue square by Drawn-Mario Abstract art.
blue square by Drawn-Mario Digital art.
blue square by Drawn-Mario Watercolor/ Micro pigment.

Types of artwork I don't draw:

cross by Drawn-Mario Sexual content.
cross by Drawn-Mario Nudity.
cross by Drawn-MarioGore or blood.
cross by Drawn-Mario Anything with drugs or voilent content.
cross by Drawn-Mario Anime ( I just cant draw it, I dont hate it I just suck at drawing that art style.XD)
cross by Drawn-Mario Anything Satanic.
cross by Drawn-Mario Weird fetish art.
cross by Drawn-Mario Or any artwork that would get me banned from my computer. XD

I'll prove who's no use! by StR-Lite
Custom Box Header Art Status by Dri-Bee
Right now my requests are closed but, will be opening soon.

Custom Box Header Stamps by Dri-Bee
Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Stamp - Pencil+Paper User by firstfear FREE Fire Alpaca User Stamp by mirmirs Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Watch Me by firstfear I appreciate my watchers by TheHopefulRomantics I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin Traditional User STAMP by Drayuu Stamp mechanical Pencil user by MistyGoldArt Prismacolor user stamp by Ka-Rei Stamp - Colored pencil user by griffsnuff Stamp - Acrylic user by griffsnuff My Characters STAMP by NocturnalMelody9 Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Clean Sonic Artist by DaiKunz Stamp  - dA Muro User by darking694 Yes you may draw my characters (Stamp) by Aviseya thank you! stamp by piijenius Art saves me Stamp by Mel-Rosey Nightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Refuse To Stop Stamp by StampMakerLKJ


Flower HeartFinally! FINALLY!!!! I finished my last request from my second round of requests, which you can find…

Anyway, I hope you like it and I think this is one of my faves out of all of the ones I've done, I just rlly liked how the marker and the colored pencils came out together, bc I did this at like 11:16 at night. XD

 drawing by me. 

Character belongs to :iconsquidtrash:

Requested by :iconsquidtrash:

  biromantic heart You can find more of my artwork here: 
REQUEST: Pause the Hedgehog.
Black Sparkle 2 Finally had some time to upload this request! I was rlly busy with some personal things and wasn't able to upload it. Anyway this came from this request journal:…

Anyway i hope you like it as much as I do and How much I love drawing your chararcters!!! tbh I thought I was gonna mess up on his hand holding the sunglasses up, but thankfully that didn't happen.XDlol

 drawing by me. 

Pause belongs to :iconpurplefoxkinz:

Requested by :iconpurplefoxkinz:

  Black Sparkle 2 You can find more of my artwork here: 
How would you guys like it if I sometimes did some point commissions with about 5-ish slots open? Dont worry I'll still do request, but just every now and then I would like to do some point commissions before summer ends. 

Anyway, some feedback would be great! Panda Emoji-32 (Happy Blush) [V2] 
SONIC: Cosmo the Seedrian
Pixel Rose Bullet - Pastel Pink I wanted to draw Cosmo, Bc I never drew her before. So I decided to give it try. I was also watching Sonic X at the time so... That might have had something to do with this. X3 But anyway, I decided to do both forms of Cosmo from the show, and adding some wings to her super form. Plus she also dead now ( spoiler alert) so it gives a spiritual vibe. But hope you guys like.Tails WinkKao Emoji-94 (Heart Waving) [V6]   

Cosmo belongs to Sega Games Company Icon midSonic Team (head, 1998-present) Icon

Little Red Arrow - Right More artwork at:
  Requests 'Closed' by Drawn-Mario

So I wanted to do a second round of sonic OC requests for you guys, and to give more people a chance to get one since the first round got full within 30 mins of it being open. And This time I will have 10 slots open instead of like 5 or 6. Anyway please remember to follow the rules and please request me only 1 character, thank you. [Cat Emote] Closed Eye Smile 

Arrow left For now, just please do sonic OC's or fancharacters ( whichever one you want to call it). I dont want to do any human's until I get a good understanding of how to draw both females and males. 

What are the Rules? 

Arrow left Please do not request a stolen character. Please read the entire journal to be able to get a better understanding of how this works. 
Arrow left Your character's design must be under a PG rating, meaning it cant be above 18+. 
Arrow left These request are free, so you dont need to ask me for point prices. 
Arrow left There will only be a certain amount of slots available. 
 Arrow left If there are no more slots, please do not bully or harass people for it. Just wait until another opportunity is available. 
 Arrow left You are only allow to request one time for this journal. Please dont request me 2 or 3 times in the same journal. 
Arrow left Please keep the chat PG. 
Arrow left You also dont need to be a watcher to ask for one, anyone is welcome. 

What can I request? 

:check: one sonic Fancharacter of your choice from your own artwork, please dont ask me to draw anyone else's oc/fc's. 
:check: Something simple, nothing complicated. And I would just like to do simple poses nothing combat related. I would like to work on that. 
:check: Please have your oc in proper clothing, like nothing that's too revealing ( epscially for female oc's)  

What can't I request? 

Red X - mood icon Anything 18+, sexual, voilent, or fetish art related is not allowed. 
Red X - mood icon Anything Satanic or demonic will not be allowed. 
Red X - mood icon Any stolen character or re-paint oc's will also not be allowed. 

Here are a few examples of my artwork:

SONIC: Aww... That's so sweet! by Bowgirl5SONIC: Cosmo the Seedrian by Bowgirl5CONTEST ENTRY: Heart the Deer. by Bowgirl5CONTEST ENTRY: Era. by Bowgirl5CONTEST ENTRY: X-Irus The wolf. :) by Bowgirl5ADAM: They are probably on a date! X3 by Bowgirl5ADAM: Blue rebels by Bowgirl5












Disclaimer! I will only be having 10 open slots at this time, thank you. 

Anyway, remember to only request one character and to read the actual journal before requesting anything. Also I will try to respond to as many people as possible.<3
Black Sparkle 1 PS: You are also welcome to share this journal!

  • Listening to: gaming mixes
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: whatever is on my computer screen.
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: NOTHING!!!!!!!!! XD
  • Drinking: juz some good old water. ;3



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I dont care if you guys comment about my art, or that you give links to funny videos that are PG. But please, dont do the following...

{EMOTE} :redx: Dont Give links to porn sites or anything with extreme gore, that may be inappropriate to young viewers of my page!

{EMOTE} :redx: Dont put links to any voilent or inappropirate videos or images! 

{EMOTE} :redx: Dont use cuss words, crap is fine. But, try to keep the chat to a PG rating. Again, I probably have watchers or viewers that are younger! 

{EMOTE} :redx:Please do not bully or harass other users on my page. 

{EMOTE} :redx: Dont roleplay in an inappropriate or sexual way on my page. Even though I dont even roleplay. XD

{EMOTE} :redx: Please, do not draw any inappropriate or sexual themed drawings of my characters or my mascot. PLease keep it PG. 

{EMOTE} :redx: And lastly, dont request me to draw anything with violence, porn, sexual themed content, and any weird fetish art.

But, otherwise have fun! And thank you to any of those who follow these rules, Your awesome! Two Thumbs Up! Icon 
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