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Edit 4.16.08:

Over 3,000 favs and 2,000 comments! I can't reply to them all! >.< My love to you all showing support! :XD: I need to update this thing with a cleaner version tuu...

Edit 4.27.08:

Hello, people, I'm saying I need to update this with a newer version. Stop giving me stats that, yeah, according to some stats, 40% of gamers are girls. Must be a different game from what I'm playing! Also, you gotta remember...

Compare these faves to the typical 800,000 players on Halo 3 at any given time. You're lucky to find maybe between ten and twelve girls in it. It's still a relatively small percentage.

Edit 5.21.08:


OH NOES. I r flamed, I r... TOASTED. Not. I'm not excusing or apologizing for trying to defend some very fundamental rights that guys are again trying to take away because girls like to game.

I will not make excuses. But, I do have to admit - thank you, whoever posted this stamp on that site, for giving me the recognition OUTSIDE of dA. It helped with the cause. :D Unlike you narrow-minded idiots, I'm not living in the 1800's. :XD: Oh, that's gonna show up on that forum. AHHH!!!



Edit 5.23.08:

FAQ #623: What should I do when I'm about to BS the hell out of someone?

You GTFO my page, bitch. Honestly, what would your man masters do if they knew you signed onto the internet and saw how things are actually supposed to be now? With women making names for themselves in the job force, or having jobs, let alone a wardrobe that doesn't include being barefoot and pregnant.

You can keep flaming me on Dramachan. You can keep flaming me on 4chan. It proves that you're one of those kids that should have been aborted back when abortion was made legal. You say I'm "special," I've got news for you: if I'm this damned special or not worth your time...

why do you keep coming back to my page?
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