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Plushie Tutorial



Sorry for the big file ^^;
I hope it appears >.>
I don't know if I'll sell Pinkie Pie or not, she's such a cutie and really soft >.<
But anyways, one plushie tutorial for this pattern:
I guess i have to write written instructions, too. *sigh*
Ok, pictures are for references and I'll talk just like how I made it, ignoring the pictures.
Materials: Pattern, tons of thread (color or your pony), sewing pins, sewing needle, scissors, shish-ka-bob stick, four cotton balls, stuffing material, fabric, pipe cleaner, and twelve hours of your life.
First thing, cut out the pattern. Then, pin on your pattern to the fabric so the fabric doesn't get messed up. Cut it out. On the head, cut the little slits. Have all the pieces in one pile and throw out the scraps. Get one body piece, one back leg piece, and one front leg piece, and two hooves. Pin on the back leg. Get the thread and measure how much you need. Add a few inches more than double it. Put the needle through the thread and tie the two end pieces together. Cut off the extra bit. Start sewing from the back most part. Continue all the way down. Pin the hoof piece on than sew that on. Make sure you take the pins off afterwards. Do this again for the other half. But make sure it’s on the opposite side. (See row two pic one). Get the belly piece. Put it by the correct area. Using the same thread and needle technique, sew that on the legs. Make sure you don't sew the leg and body together. Sew the other side on. Note, this is the trickiest part to me. After you sew the belly, sew the chest. DO NOT SEW THE HOLE ON TOP!!! Then, sew the butt together. Note: the hole you have to leave to attach the tail. Turn the body inside out. Take a cotton ball and fluff it out. Put one cotton ball in each hoof. Take the stuffing and fill in your plushie. Don't put in too much or it will not look nice. Sew the back up, make sure to leave the tail hole, and up the neck. Make sure you don't sew the neck hole. YAY! You finished the body.
Next is the head, sew the little silts together. Sew the eye piece on the nicer side of the head. (The side without all the showing string). Make sure you tie it one the back side for a nicer look. Get the ear pieces. Sew them together but leave the bottom open. Turn them around. Use the tip of a pin to make the ear tip. Sew the ears on. Sew them on by the sewn up slit. Using the right part, sew one side of the head on the piece. Sew the other half on, starting with the muzzle. Leave an opening and fill it with stuffing. Sew that up. Use the thread and sew the head on the neck. Make sure the head is correctly and on straight. Sew the head on twice to be sure. Congrats, the body is finished. For a mane and tail, copy the pattern and make sure it’s the right size. Get two pieces sewn together and leave an opening. Put in a pipe cleaner for support. Use the shish-ka-bob stick to put in the stuffing. Sew it up. Repeat this for all the other mane pieces. Do the same for the tail. To attach, I took a piece of the mane and attached it to the head and I did this until it was how I wanted it. For the tail, attach it in the tail hole. If your tail is droopy, use some thread and sew the top closer to the back, making it stand up higher. Now, your plushie is finished and really cute. >///<

Thanks for reading this ^_^
Also, donations to the creator of this pattern and to me would be nice ^_~
Pattern- (c) - :iconsilentwolfcreations:
Tutorial- (c) - :iconbow-stitches:
MLP- (c)- Hasbro

Edit: please link me a finished pony :D
Second Edit: unless I ask for a critique, do not give me on. I made this for beginners and critiques from people (who don't even make plushies) just irks me.
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You Need Any Colored Papers to make a Plush? Cause I Need to make a Sweetie Belle Plush out of Paper.