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Round 3

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Published: June 13, 2013
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WTS Summer Joust: [link]
Round 3: [link]

Stable Name: Flying Feather Stables
Rider's Name: Richard Leos
Horse's Name: FFS Crusade of Charlemagne
Link to Height Chart: [link]
Training: [link]
Opponent: RF Sean Aden on Rocky Mountain Way [link]
Round: 3

Richard's head was still ringing from his fall in the first round. Though he was disappointing at being knocked out at the very beginning of the tournament, he was plenty happy to sit back and watch the remaining competitors. Many were acquaintances of his from other draft stables, and plenty were horses he'd encountered at other shows that he'd made a note to watch. AQ's Mandy in particular, a spirited filly out of FFS's stud Stout, was putting on a good showing.

He was in the stands watching Will injure himself for the second round in a row, wincing to himself, when there was a tap on his shoulder from a staff member of the host stable. "Hey, you were drawn for the wildcard round. Go saddle up!"

And so they found themselves back in the lane for the third round. Richard was less than completely steady in the saddle, and Charlie was antsy from his earlier skid. He'd suffered nothing worse than a mild skinned knee and bruised pride, but the stallion was unused to losing his footing and was still unsettled by the experience.

He voiced his displeasure by prancing and pawing the dirt in place as they waited for the signal to go. The weather had turned from dark and brooding to bright and sunny. Charlie tossed his head, not liking the way the bright sunlight played on the protective eye-globes on his armor. Richard was glad for the extra precaution, distracting as his horse found it, there had been plenty of injuries and shattered lances already that day and with the luck he was having so far...

There was the signal. It took Richard by surprise and it must have taken Charlie by surprise as well because he reared and leapt sideways rather than forward. Richard cursed and hauled his stallion back to the rail, hopefully back in line and up to speed before the intimidating Rocky and his equally intimidating armored rider were upon them.
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byrchStudent Digital Artist
I love how you conveyed the story through the art, it's always so cool to see! I really like Richard patting Charlie, something about that is just so sweet, I don't know, but I really like it!
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byrchStudent Digital Artist
You're welcome!
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Love it! Your stories always tie the your art together so well, and excellent perspective!
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HelsingeHobbyist General Artist
Quite nice composition and perspective :)
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Thanks! It's getting harder and harder to think of compositions/poses that haven't been used before while still including both horses in the piece :P
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