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Belly Button Jewel


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Belly Button Jewel


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Belly button

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Bound and gagged

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The day I 'finger-stabbed' her drunk belly button

So a couple years ago, I got invited to a house party. It was your standard frat party with loud music and lots of drinks, which weren't my thing. Downed a couple shots of vodka and started to feel queasy in my stomach (I don't drink often) so I asked the host if I could chill for a bit in one of the bedrooms. Went in, laid down, and a couple of minutes later, this girl (let's just call her Mia) kinda stumbles into the room and just falls onto the bed face first................ RIGHT ONTO MY OUTSTRETCHED ARM. TO BE SPECIFIC, HER ABDOMEN LANDED DIRECTLY ON TOP OF MY PALM. MY PALM WAS LITERALLY TOUCHING HER BARE BELLY. I REPEAT, MY PALM WAS LITERALLY SANDWICHED BETWEEN THE BED AND HER BARE BELLY. As you can probably tell, I was REALLY excited. I still get excited thinking about it now xD I'm gonna be honest, Mia wasn't the prettiest girl. She made up for it with a really fit, hot bod though. She had abs (kinda like the pic above) and she was one of THOSE girls that wore midriff


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Nightmares on Halloween

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