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Honey don't come in the house

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Susan heard her husband parking their car outside their house he had picked up their son from school and they were about to enter the house but they were unaware that their house is being robbed and Susan has been tightly bound and gagged

Susan couldn't warn her husband and son of the burglars inside their home and she watched helplessly as the robbers tied them up and gagged them now the whole family are the hostages of the robbers and the question is what are the robbers going to do with them?  
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KneblerknabeNew Deviant

Who’s the MILF? Love her expression never seen her before

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I love the idea of a bound woman having to watch her husband and son be bound and gagged.. All the better if the guy that does it, singlehandedly overpowers him while she helplessly watches. He puts uo a decent fight but loses in the end and all her hopes are dashed when the first knot is cinched at the elbows. Then, her son is easily hogtied and gagged. She would never look at her husband the same way again.

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Wenn ich der Räuber wäre hätte ich genau das gleiche mit ihr angestellt ^^
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Love couples bound and gagged!
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i want that body and i want those jeans, just sayin'
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one do sex
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In reality that's a really scary be the mom though, I would so love that..........
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Have you ever been tied up before?
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Oh yes!  MANY times!
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What’s your favorite material to be tied up in and what’s your favorite gag?
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Funny, this morning somebody asked me what my favorite gag is!  :)

To be tied up, I prefer rope or tape.  I'm a huge DiD person that I prefer the realism of what a home invader or a kidnapper would use.
I also love being tied up with my own nylons or pantyhose.

My favorite gag, wow! Here are a couple I love:

1> Take a pair of my pantyhose. Ball up the panty portion and shove them into my mouth, by force preferably. Pull the legs back and keep them stretched while you wind them in opposite directions around by head, 2-3 times usually, going between my teeth each time and the last pass will cover my mouth. Pull and tie the feet tightly behind my head. Believe me, it IS effective!!

As an option, when winding the legs in opposite directions around my mouth, wind one leg through my mouth and the other over my eyes. Then I'm gagged AND blindfolded with the same pair of pantyhose!

2> Stuff my mouth the same way and cover my mouth with tape, then wind the tape around my head and over my mouth at least half a dozen times. Every bit as effective!
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Wow. You're very thorough, how often does a lucky guy get to do that?
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any  chance you might know where this is from?
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