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Captive1 BatGirl bound

Okay, seems few were interested in the more vanilla captive Batgirl. Perhaps I should have started with this; not just latex, but proper binding and I'll throw in a ballgag, just for fun.

Next time she will be partially naked, bound and gagged with tape, then after that completely naked bound with ropes and gagged OTM.

Anyone have any suggestions on future victims or how they should be bound etc. feel free to leave them here.
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Bargirl knew it was Catwoman who had captured her, even before the lights came on, from the smell of skin tight leather and expensive perfume. "Love the outfit, sweetums; all that skin tight latex; very kinky. But you're a little overdressed to suit me. So, I'm going to use some more chloroform on you, and when you wake up, you'll be nice and comfy..."

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Gotta love a bit of Cat on Bat action. Thanks.

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Thanks, I'm glad you like this.
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Nice Batgirl- I want her!!
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Can't she's mine. Thanks for commenting.
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She belongs to DC comics LOL
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Just the way I like BatGirl..........
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Glad you like it. Thanks for commenting.
Catwoman discovers batgirl like this.
Then gets into the same predicament.
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Could happen, sometime in the future...maybe. Thanks for the suggestion, it's on my list.
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I LOVE this! :D The crotch rope, frogtie, and ballgag are sooo hott! :P

Wonderful work! ;)

For my input I'd say... Faye Valentine, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew version), Power girl, Samus Aran, classic Lara Croft, & Quiet from MGSV.

Just some ideas :)
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Thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice comment.

All the names you suggest which are not already there will go on to my list. Samus coming soon! Thanks for the suggestions.
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Jeeze O Peets!  How could I forget Taarna from Heavy Metal?  Great costume!
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Taarna is going on the list. If you, or anyone, comes up with others to put on the list, please do let me know. Thanks.
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Just got reminded by a podcast - Teela from Masters of the Universe.

Dia from Mighty Orbots

Lara Croft (probably already on the list, but we must not be remiss.)
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Two more lovelies going on to my list, Yep Lara is already there. Thanks Huntrzz.
Id love to see some of the street fighter girls get this sort of treatment, chun li, cammy, sakura, for thought
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Okay, they are now on my list. Thanks for the suggestions.
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Love the rope harness and ballgag here - another classic look, and a nice way for the bad guys not to get her TOO upset over their chosen storage method...
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Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.
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Future candidates:
Black Canary
More Batgirl
Lots more Batgirl! :p
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