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Super Sonally Kiss by Bound-For-Freedom Super Sonally Kiss :iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 12 3 Up at the Stars by Bound-For-Freedom Up at the Stars :iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 4 0
Blood Pact Chapter 12b
Sally gasped, clutching her sides as she felt those words force their way into her thoughts…felt as if her own hands were around Sonic's throat, choking all life out of him.  The strange, ethereal connection that still tethered the Princess to the wraith had focused at his command, forcing
Sally to feel what Daxis felt: wave after wave of suffering heaped upon the helpless hedgehog with sadistic glee.  "Leave him alone…let him go!" she thought angrily, even as she noticed the others approach her in concern.
Just as suddenly as the pressure had come, it left, and Sally backed away with a second gasp, pressing her back to the wall for balance.  Her body still felt sick, a back-of-her-mind queasiness that served to remind her that while the closer, deadlier encounter had passed, the underlying link beneath it still remained.  "Sally…" Knuckles spoke cautiously, aware of what had likely just happened.
"He's…using Sonic as bait
:iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 1 0
Blood Pact Chapter 12a
Continuity info: This takes place in the Archie comic's continuity immediately after the infamous #134("Say You Will", featuring what Dan Drazen aptly titled "the slap heard 'round the fandom" and Sonic and Sally splitting up…again…). Everything that happened after that issue is disregarded. The events depicted in this story act as a substitute for the events that take place at this point in the comics.
Where once was light
Now darkness falls
Where once was love
Love is no more
Don't say goodbye
Don't say I didn't try

-"Gollum's Song", Emiliana Torrini
Chapter Twelve: Upheaval
Taking stock of the scene directly below him, Knuckles tried to piece together what had happened.  On the one side, Sonic, Sally, and Tails stood in front of the rope he'd thrown down to them, ready to leave the horrible temple that had been a battlefield for the last few hours.  On the other, there was that strange bat Lilith, a goat Knuckles had never seen before, and...and
:iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 1 0
Visit to Castle Acorn by Bound-For-Freedom Visit to Castle Acorn :iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 4 0
Sonic Cread Part-3
Sonic Cread Part-3
                           Signs of a New Enemy And Alittle Midnight Fun
Two Days Later:
A rapid sound of running feet fills the air. Small footprints are left in the ground by an eager young fox. Following these footsteps are the notorious sneakers of Sonic the Hedgehog as he chaces Tails.
Sonic: "Come on now, big guy! I know you're faster than that! Show me what you've got!"
Tails: "Alrite!"
Tails jumps in the air so that he is no longer running, but flying. Getting a quick jump of speed, litterally, Sonic gets caught off guard, but quickly speeds up in order to keep up with him.
Sonic: "You've gotten faster than I remember. I guess I'll have to kick it up a nautch now!!"
Tails starts laughing outloud as Sonic gains on him. With his two tails acting as a giant propelor, giving him speed, tails turns to see where Sonic is and sees th
:iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 2 0
...At First Sight by Bound-For-Freedom ...At First Sight :iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 10 2 Queen Sally and King Sonic by Bound-For-Freedom Queen Sally and King Sonic :iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 18 2 Waking Nightmare by Bound-For-Freedom Waking Nightmare :iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 14 0 Under the Moonlight by Bound-For-Freedom Under the Moonlight :iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 22 1 Look Sal by Bound-For-Freedom Look Sal :iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 6 0 Where Were You... by Bound-For-Freedom Where Were You... :iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 3 0
Where the Streets Have No Name
Where The Streets Have No Name by ~Gojira007
Sonic the Hedgehog: Where The Streets Have No Name
Continuity Info: This story takes place in the SatAM continuity in Season 2 after the events of "The Void".
The city’s a-flood,
And our love turns to rust.
We’re beaten and blown by the wind
Trampled into dust.
I’ll show you a place
High on the desert plain
Where the streets have no name…

-“Where the Streets Have No Name”, U2
How many times had they done this?  How many times had Sally rested in Sonic’s arms as laser fire and the breeze blew to and fro around them?  The Princess had long since lost count, though she was willing to bet that Sonic had kept the tally in his mind.  “Hey, Sal!” he called to her suddenly, taking a sharp turn down the dark alleyways of Robotropolis, the SWATBots and hovercrafts still in hot pursuit.  “I’m hopin’ you managed to plant that bomb of ours in the ri
:iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 0 0
Mature content
Blood Pact: Chapter Eleven :iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 0 0
Sonic Christmas: Mistletoe by Bound-For-Freedom Sonic Christmas: Mistletoe :iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 5 0 ... Then Comes Marriage by Bound-For-Freedom ... Then Comes Marriage :iconbound-for-freedom:Bound-For-Freedom 7 0

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A Rebel's Romance - Son/Sal
Current Residence: Knothole Village, Mobius
Personal Quote: Let's do it to it!
Announcements will be placed here.  

:bulletblue: [new announcement]
:bulletred:  [old announcement]

Well, at long last, our proud little Club is now a proud little group:… .  It will take a couple days to get everything fully set up, but in the meantime, everyone feel free to join up there and send in any deviations and :+fav: suggestions you want.  Hopefully, this conversion will mean a new surge of activity for BfF. ^_^


Hello, this is :icongojira007:, the new Admin of this Club.  

I would first like to apologize to all who are watching or are members of the Club for my long inactivity.  It has proven to be an exceptionally busy time in my life, and I have been unable to honor my duties as the new Admin.


That changes right now. I intend to get everything in order over the next few days, then hopefully announce a new contest for everyone to participate in.  Keep your eyes here, folks. ^_^


THIS TIME I MEAN WHAT I SAY. Just as I announce that everything's gonna be back on track I ended up with stupid time-sucking shifts at my job. -_-; But NOW everything has been updated, along with joining requests and submissions that have been backlogged for some time.

I'll also like to announce that Gojira007 has accepted the role as co-owner. So that means this place will actually get updated more frequently. So please give him a great big welcome! We're also negotiating a new contest, so keep an eye out for an announcement soon.


HELLO! HI! Look, this place is alive! D:

Sorry about not updating this place since... shit September. Ohgod... Life has been really busy for me for ages now, due to weird random shifts at work that have me doing both day and night shifts, along with other distractions. Plus for some reason DA just doesn't like working for me half the time. Could be due to the MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF SCRIPTS this place runs at one time. Yes the drag and drop feature for favouriting is nice, but at the same time is causes DEATH! 8|

ANYWAY! Been looking through the comments left here and no, this place isn't dead. Like I said, been really busy so I don't have much time to update stuff. At the moment I'm still sorting through the notes and submissions, so I'm hoping over the next couple of days (if nothing stupid happens to eat my time again) I can catch up with these and get them up and running.

But one thing I have been considering is maybe getting someone to pick up my slack here so that this doesn't happen again. D And maybe with someone else doing the thinking it might breath some new life into this club, 'cause honestly I'm really not sure WHAT to do with this club any more. But I don't want to just shut it down and call it quits. Bound For Freedom was the first Son/Sal club on DA, so giving that up will just leave a bad taste in my mouth I think.

It's still something I'm debating though, 'cause really I don't know who to ask about this 'cause I don't know a lot of people on DA. |D So just tossing that idea out there just in case someone reading this decides "Hey, maybe I can do that!". So if you do, please tell me. Note me if you want, either here or at my regular account, I'm not fussed. Just keep in mind I'll still be calling the shots and the like, so it's not a total hand over to you. This is still my baby, but like I said, some freshness here would be super helpful if possible.

Other than that, I will be going through notes and stuff here and updating as soon as I can. I apologise once again for the massive delay in updates and leaving people hanging. But yes, this place isn't dead, just kinda hibernating for now. ♥

:bulletblue: I've organised the gallery using DA's new gallery system. I've put in three folders: Fan Art, Fanfics, and Contest Winners. So if anyone wishing to browse for something specific should be able to find it pretty quickly. I'm also hoping that I got the right contest entries in the winner's folder, if not please let me know!

:bulletblue: Guys, when entering contests please don't comment on the front page with "Did you get my entry?" a few hours after you've noted the club. I check here every few days, more frequently during contest time, so be patient. If you don't see your entry added to the list within a week chances are something went wrong. Check your outboxes to make sure that you actually sent your entry in.

And also, please stop spamming the front page with "Check out my entry" comments. Everyone watching the club will get an announcement about an update, which includes a link to your entry. If this happens with the next contest I'll take out your entry. No one likes pimpers.

Thank you.


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