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Mischa's Sticky Situation by bouncymischa Mischa's Sticky Situation :iconbouncymischa:bouncymischa 103 7 Belle Pillow Fanart (Colored) by bouncymischa
Mature content
Belle Pillow Fanart (Colored) :iconbouncymischa:bouncymischa 163 9
Belle Pillow Fanart by bouncymischa
Mature content
Belle Pillow Fanart :iconbouncymischa:bouncymischa 50 7
Dancing The Night Away
"So... what is it you wish?" the sultry and sensuous figure floating in midair asked me.
I swallowed nervously.  I'd been just settling in to an evening at home, watching some of my favorite streams, when of all things... a genie had appeared before me!  With tanned skin, coppery hair, red silken clothes and gleaming golden jewellery, it was impossible to mistake her for anything but.  She languidly stretched in midair, smirking slightly as a blush crept up my cheeks.
"Come on... I don't have all millenium~" she teased.
I couldn't help but blush more, glancing away from the floating figure as I tried to collect my thoughts.  I'd always fantasized about meeting a genie and getting a wish... but then, my fantasies had always turned out silly or ridiculous in some way.  Then again, this genie did seem rather amused... perhaps she would find a silly wish intruiging?
Could it hurt to ask?
My gaze feel on the screen -- I'd put the stream of a pixel artist named Caset
:iconbouncymischa:bouncymischa 21 2
Happy Halloween! by bouncymischa Happy Halloween! :iconbouncymischa:bouncymischa 95 5 Slam Dunk by bouncymischa Slam Dunk :iconbouncymischa:bouncymischa 18 4
Pool Party Surprise
"I'm not sure this is such a great idea..." Heather said, shifting about uneasily as she looked around the luxurious manor she found herself in.
"C'mon, you weren't quite so nervous when I suggested the idea this morning!" her wife Marisa said, shaking her head slightly.  "Why the cold feet now?"
"Have you seen this place?"  Heather swept her arm across the expansive living room the two were standing in, taking in the sunlit patio and swimming pool visible through the glass windows along one wall.  "When you said you were going to sneak me in to help with you at a party, I didn't expect something like this!"
The plan had sounded innocent enough at first.  Marisa had been hired to cater a private party for a wealthy woman -- Heather hadn't recognized the name, but from what Marisa had said she sounded like a socialite.  When Heather had confessed to being curious what such a party would be like, Marisa had immediately suggested trying to smuggle Heather in as a
:iconbouncymischa:bouncymischa 104 12
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Ready When You Are :iconmatsu-sensei:Matsu-sensei 1,434 40
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Mischa's Sticky Situation
After Mischa got transformed into bubblegum at 2B Labs (…), I talked with 2B about what might become of her, and given how she got smushed in that particular picture... there was the idea that she'd get stuck to the floor, constantly getting stepped on, until someone finally noticed the sticky pink spot on the floor and peeled her off of it.

Of course, that's not to say the experience was entirely unpleasant for her... :P
Belle Pillow Fanart (Colored)
The amazing 2B-Labs liked my sketch of Belle as a pillow so much, they inked and colored it for me!

Belle is (c) :icon2b-labs:
Belle Pillow Fanart
Just a bit of fanart for 2B-Labs - a sketch of Belle transformed into a soft and comfy pillow!

Belle is (c) :icon2b-labs:
"So... what is it you wish?" the sultry and sensuous figure floating in midair asked me.
I swallowed nervously.  I'd been just settling in to an evening at home, watching some of my favorite streams, when of all things... a genie had appeared before me!  With tanned skin, coppery hair, red silken clothes and gleaming golden jewellery, it was impossible to mistake her for anything but.  She languidly stretched in midair, smirking slightly as a blush crept up my cheeks.

"Come on... I don't have all millenium~" she teased.

I couldn't help but blush more, glancing away from the floating figure as I tried to collect my thoughts.  I'd always fantasized about meeting a genie and getting a wish... but then, my fantasies had always turned out silly or ridiculous in some way.  Then again, this genie did seem rather amused... perhaps she would find a silly wish intruiging?
Could it hurt to ask?

My gaze feel on the screen -- I'd put the stream of a pixel artist named CaseterMK on the TV to watch.  He did have a penchant for spriting or even animating genies... and right now one of his creations, a purple genie from some shooter game, was dancing repetively in the lower right corner as an animated gif.

I had always fantasized about being a genie... but then, I couldn't really see myself granting wishes.  But what if...

"What if.... I wish I was that genie gif?" I murmured out loud, staring at the dancing sprite.

The woman's green eyes sparkled.  "Ohhh... is that what you desire?  Then... your wish is granted~" she said mischeviously.

Realizing what I had inadvertantly said, I turned to her... but before I could even speak, I felt an electric jolt pass through my body.  I felt a tingle building up within me, starting in the tips of my fingers and toes... but rapidly it began to spread through my body.  I couldn't help but squirm at the sensation, letting out an involuntary moan... and then gasped, as the sound that came out of my voice warbled, as if digitally distorted.  I glanced down at myself in surprised, and was shocked to see my body starting to change... a purple hue passing over my skin, which grew unnaturally smooth.  My clothing, a pair of loose fitting sweatpants and a t-shirt, started to disintegrate, breaking up into pixellated shapes... and to my horror, I realized my body was starting to follow suit!  My legs had already started dissolving, leaving me somehow suspended in midair... but my torso and arms weren't far behind.

"W-waaaaaaiiiit..." I moaned in that artificial, electronic tone.  "Whaaaaaat...."

The capricious genie simply smirked at me, and twirled a finger, as if to accelerate the process.  And so it did, my vision starting to blur, pixellate, and shift about me.  I had a vague sense of being spun about, the room spinning, shifting, growing as I was presumably drawn towards the screen, a tide of purple pixels.

Perhaps this is how a genie felt, sucked into their bottle as a cloud of smoke...

The tingling that filled my body seemed to permeate me, surround me... but soon, my vision began to clear.  I felt my body taking shape once more... almost.  It almost felt as if I was filling it up, expanding to take its shape.  But soon, I had a torso again... and arms... and a head!  But I could only feel my upper thighs, which tapered down to a narrow point.

I shifted, wobbling and swaying in a dancing pose, one arm tucked behind my head, the other resting upon my hip.  Back and forth, back and forth, I stared outwards at my own living room... and then suddenly spun in place, a blur of colors passing before my eyes, before I stopped in place once again, my boobs bouncing with a light jiggle.  Then back and forth, back and forth, swaying again... four times, before another spin.
And then again.

I... Had I really been turned into a .gif??

I couldn't think of any other explanation.  My room loomed before me, looking unnaturally large... or perhaps, I was unnaturally small.  At least I'd been watching the stream on the TV screen, but even so, I was only a few inches tall.  As I spun, I caught a glimpse of the screen around me. A large sprite image loomed to my right, flat upon a white field.  Behind me, black and purple lines -- I remembered how, during the stream, Caseter had had some kind of video game backdrop in the background. A glimpse of the chat bar to the left... and then I was facing outwards again.  As I danced and swayed back and forth, my gaze was drawn to blurry, bright green letters that appeared sprayed on the screen before me...


It took me a moment to realize I was reading them backwards.  "FOOD"...

That's right, Caseter had gone for a food break!

Another spin in place, and then more dancing... I tried to gaze around the room, to find the genie, and spotted her off to one side, watching the display with amusement.
"As you desired... you are now a genie yourself.  Of sorts..." she said, her lips twisting in an impish smile.

I tried to object or protest, but not a sound came from my mouth, not even the distorted digital sounds from before. After all, this particular gif had no audio attached to it.  Instead, I just spun in place, and continued dancing upon the screen.

"Since you seem rather content with the results... then I shall take my leave.  So many more foolish mortals to have fun with."  She rose up, as if to go, and a moment of panic shivered through my new form.  Wait... she was just going to leave me like this?  What would happen to me??

The woman paused, glancing at the screen.  I could see her watching my movements with her eyes, and then she smiles.  "And do not worry... since it was such a... unique desire, I fulfilled your wish to the best of my ability.  That animated genie is now your true form -- your soul exists within all copies of it.  I suppose if all were destroyed, then you would cease to exist, but..."  She shrugged.  "We shall just have to see.  Until then, I do hope you fill find joy in your new existence~"  She paused, tapping her lip thoughtfully, and then leaned in close.  I watched as she typed on the keyboard, the words, "Having some fun here" appearing in the chat bar beside me under my name, before she stood upright again.

"And don't worry about your former life... I've taken care of that."  A final bow, and then she vanished just as suddenly as she came, disappearing into a cloud of red smoke that almost immediately faded away.  Leaving me where I was... a silent pixellated form, dancing repetitively upon the screen.

I stared blankly for a little while, shocked at this turn of events... as the reality of my situation began to settle in.  Unable to speak or move on my own, I had no way to communicate my situation. Was I really going to end up stuck like this?  Perhaps the genie would return on her own, laughing impishly at her own joke, and free me.

Or... perhaps not.

Back and forth, back and forth, another spin...

I started to give more consideration to my new form.  I would have blushed, if I could have -- I was a rather sexy, if also somewhat muscular, looking genie now.  I wore pantaloons and poofy sleeves, but my chest was bare... although from what I recalled, my boobs lacked nipples.  Still, they jiggled with every spin, bouncing quickly in place as I stopped.  My hair was bound up into a large ponytail that swayed with my movements, although I never could see it, even as I spun.

Then, I saw new messages appear in the chat bar.

"On my way back."

"I tripped and closed my laptop."

"Gonna reload just to make sure."

W-wait!  Don't-

I felt my thoughts get... interrupted. I was engulfed in darkness for a moment.  And then reality returned... but not the one I was familiar with.  Instead of seeing my familiar living room from the TV screen, I was looking at some stranger, sitting in a chair at a desk.  Everything seemed larger... and I realized that I must be on a smaller computer monitor.  Wait... I was on some stranger's monitor!

I  danced and spun, wondering if they'd notice... but they paid no attention to me.  Instead, I saw them typing at the keyboard, the chat scrolling up as they talked with Caseter.  To my right, the screen shifted, zooming in on a portion of the sprite as Caseter got back to work, the blurry FOOD having vanished during the interruption.
With a shiver... I realized what had happened.  Caseter had reloaded the stream... meaning it had shut down and switched back on again.  While it was off... I didn't exist?  Maybe as just a digital file upon Caseter's computer, but... I apparently had no sense of it.
What happened when the stream was ended?  I'd disappear, until the next time?

I shivered inwardly.... but my body showed no outward sign of it.  After all, I was just an animated group of pixels, now.  It felt somewhat like my human body had... but also different.  When I moved, I didn't feel like I was flexing muscles, just... shifting in place.  No bones, or organs... I didn't even breathe.  

Back and forth, back and forth, another spin...

At least I didn't get dizzy, either, even after... who knew how many repetitions now?  The world spun about me, but I didn't feel dizzy at all.  Apparently there were benefits to being just a bunch of pixels.

And I had to admit... I was a rather sexy bunch of pixels.  Back and forth, back and forth, hips swaying... another spin~

As I swayed in place, I started taking in more details about the room around the screen I was on.  It looked like someone's bedroom, but was dimly lit, so I couldn't make out many details, particularly as the glare of the screen itself washed some of them out.  I noticed I could even make out a faint reflection of the screen I was on upon the glass of the monitor, allowing me to see a bit of Caseter's work.  Apparently detailing the jeans one some new sprite...

Beyond the screen was what looked like a young woman, with short hair and wearing a sweatshirt.  I watched as she typed in a few lines in, the chat bar scrolling bar as she talked with Caseter.

Meanwhile... I just kept dancing.

In the reflection off of the screen, I could see myself, faintly.  The sexy purple genie... hips, shoulders, and ponytail swaying with each movement.  Arms outflung in the quick series of spins.  Smiling confidently out at the world...

It was weird, but... I was actually starting to enjoy myself.  After all, I had fantasized about this sort of thing... being a genie, being digitized, being... well, helpless.  And now I suppose I was all of those things.  I wasn't quite tiny, but I was probably at least half the size of what I had been on my TV screen... perhaps smaller.

Just a little animated sprite on some caster's stream.

Time passed, dancing and swaying, spinning in place every few seconds.  I watched the stream as best I could, as well as the person who was watching the stream.  After a little while, however, they let out a yawn.  It must've been late for them.

"All right, I'm out... good night!" they typed into the chat.  Then the cursor slid across the screen, heading to the upper right corner of the window.

Ahh, wait a minute... what would happen if-

And then everything went black once more.

For a moment.

And then the world flickered into view... but it was yet another room, this one well lit.  Another person was at their computer.  I was another instance of the genie gif, on someone else's screen.  Did this mean I was on every screen?  Everyone watching the stream saw the genie dancing in the corner.  I was starting to suspect I could appear in any copy of it... or perhaps I was in all of them.

Back and forth, back and forth, a spin~

As I danced, I saw my new 'host' typing away at the keyboard.

"Yo!" appeared in the chat, under a new name.

"Eeeeeeeeeeey" Caseter replied.

The two of them began to chat, but I could only catch glimpses of it.  As I spun, I saw that Caseter had also made progress on his work.  Now he was working on the sprite's torso, a green shirt swelling outwards into what was probably a pair of breasts.  Finally, after making some more progress, he zoomed out of the drawing, and I caught a glimpse of the full sequence -- a young man transforming into what looked like a buxom form with some animal features -- before he zoomed in again.  Unfortunately, with no reflection visible in this room, I couldn't watch as much of his progress.

But then, I suppose that didn't really matter to an animated stream gif, did it?  Back and forth, back and forth... swaying and spinning about...

I would have blushed if I could've, as I posed and danced on the screen... smirking outwards at the new stream viewer.  It seemed to be another young woman... but it didn't really matter.  I posed and danced for her anyways, even if she only occasionally glanced in my direction as she read the chat.

A familiar name scrolled up in the stream chat -- someone I'd seen and talked with in other streams... and realized that a copy of me was now displayed on their screen as well.  Of course... they had no idea that the genie sprite in the stream was in fact me...
The stream fell quiet for a bit.  Caseter kept working on his sprite, but my host was apparently multitasking, as I saw a window fade into view overtop of me.  From behind, I saw them skimming through online art galleries, some more fetishy than others.  In the background, though, I just kept dancing.  Occasionally the windows would fade out of view as my host took a look at Caseter's stream, before the windows returned.

I was starting to lose track of time.  I had to guess that hours had passed by this point.  I repeated the same motions every five seconds or so, and while I was in the background I'd sometimes count the cycles as they passed... but after a while it seemed kind of pointless.

Instead, I just danced.  Back and forth, back and forth, spin... over and over.
Finally, the stream seemed to be winding down.  Caseter had started on the next sprite... but judging from comments in the chat, it was getting late for him.

"Thank ya for coming by tonight!"

With that farewell message, I felt a tingle of worry pass through my new form.  I'd experienced the stream being restarted before, and it had passed in an instant.  But what would happen when-

And then the stream ended.

It seemed like only a moment later that the world came into view once again.  Just a brief flicker of darkness and unconsciousness.  But I knew the stream had been ended before... and now it was starting up again.  I was on another monitor, watching another stream viewer as I danced.  To the right, I could see a glimpse of Caseter starting work on another picture, while to the left, people were saying hello in the chat.  I danced away in my corner of the screen, wondering how much time had passed since the last stream.  From what I recalled, Caseter streamed a couple of times each week... so probably only a couple of days.


Although, as the stream progressed... I started to realize that it wasn't particularly relevant to me.  I'd hoped early on that the genie might reappear to restore me, but... given that she'd never returned during the last stream, it was starting to seem less and less likely that she would.  Would I really just exist as a dancing genie sprite?
Back and forth, back and forth, spin~

Well... perhaps there were worse fates.  I certainly didn't feel tired or hungry.  And there was something definitely... appealing about being a sexy pixel figure.  Dancing and swaying in this poofy costume...

I was rather gorgeous.

Back and forth, back and forth, spin~

The second stream passed much as the first had... dancing away as Caseter worked on stream.  At one point, Caseter had to reset the stream, and I vanished, only to reappear on another monitor somewhere else, dancing for another viewer.

Back and forth, back and forth, spin~

More sprite work, more chatting, as my tiny form continued dancing.  Every few seconds I caught a glimpse of Caseter's work behind me, watching as the sprites slowly came together.  Sometimes Caseter would take a break, and everything would remain frozen in place behind me, my figure the only motion on the screen to show the viewer the stream was still running.

Finally, the second stream ended... and I danced to the very end, until I vanished.
And reappeared a moment later, on another stream.  Another few days later, I had to guess... passed by in an instant.  It didn't really matter, though... I just danced away for another stream viewer.

Back and forth, back and forth, spin~

I suspected the constant rythmn of my new existence was taking its toll... I could already tell I was feeling increasingly detached from the world beyond the screen.  The stream behind me was becoming my home, as I danced proudly in place, showing off for Caseter's viewers.

Back and forth, back and forth, spin~

More hours passed, watching as another sprite slowly came together.  I moved from screen to screen as windows were open and closed, or with the occasional stream reset.  Always dancing for the viewer...

Back and forth, back and forth, spin~

I began to lose track of the days that must have passed.  Christmas shopping was mentioned in the chat... ideas exchanged for Christmas sprites.  It was December already... but for me I had just been spending hour after hour dancing on the screen.  I started to recognize some of the more regular viewers as I appeared on their screens.  

Back and forth, back and forth, spin~

Then, one day, the stream ended... and as I reappeared, I realized a large amount of time had passed.  In the previous stream, it had been before Christmas.  Now, from the monitor I was displayed on, I caught a glimpse of leafy trees through a window.  A calendar on one wall said it was April.

I had missed months??

Well, it had been almost Christmas... undoubtably, Caseter had changed his stream gif for something more seasonal.  Perhaps a buxom Santa girl.  And then New Years... Valentine's... who knows how many different gifs he'd used?

At least he was fond of genies... and so I'd eventually been returned to the stream, with no knowledge of the time that had passed.

Back and forth, back and forth, spin~

it didn't really matter how much time had passed, did it?  I was just an animated gif for the stream, after all...

More streams passed.  I saw more commissions get worked on, slowly coming together.  And through each stream, I continued my sexy dance.

Back and forth, back and forth, spin~

Occasionally, there were technical difficulties.  The stream froze up at one point as Picarto acted up, and I found myself frozen in mid-spin, my butt thrust outwards, arms outspread, my face twisted about.  Frozen in this pose, I got my first good look at the stream since I had been transformed into this sprite.  A sexy genie loomed behind me, gleaming pantaloons and a sexy pose.  

I remembered, once, having wanted to commission Caseter to make me a genie sprite of my own.  I guess that desire had come true after all... in a rather strange way.

Frozen there, I felt a strange affinity for the sprite behind me.  I was like her... she was like me.

I truly had become an animated genie sprite.  This what I would be, as long as I appeared on streams.  And I was pretty happy with it~

Then the screen refreshed, and I found myself dancing in place once more for the viewer.

Back and forth

Back and forth

Dancing The Night Away
After reading some stories with digital TFs this summer, I've had the thought of being transformed into an animated gif on my mind.  Watching one of CaseterMK's streams, I really liked the idea of being transformed into the dancing genie sprite he had on screen... and so I ended up writing this story out one evening.
Happy Halloween!
With Hannah's help, Mischa decided to try out some magic in order to decorate Miranda's yard for Halloween... unfortunately, the two of them ended up caught up in the spell!  Now Mischa is an inflatable witch, while Hannah's become a mannequin, her parts disassembled across the yard.  At least it saves Miranda the trouble of having to decorate... although if they can't restore themselves, she'll probably just box them up until next year once Halloween is over~

(A bit of a last minute sketch for the holiday, but while heading home today I passed a couple of yards with similar decorations... so felt inspired to have Mischa and Hannah have a Halloween misadventure :3)


Personal Quote: I'm not crazy... I just have a multifaceted personality.
So far I haven't done very well at being more active this year.  There have been times I sat down to do some random doodling, and I've got some half completed sketches.... but not much I felt I could post.  There's been a lot of different sources of stress over the past few months, which is probably one of the things making it difficult... but I still feel like one of my biggest problems is the difficult I feel in actually coming up with ideas for things to do.  I wish I was better at nurturing the occasional idea that comes to mind... maybe there are tools that I can use to help with the brainstorming process.  At one point, I think I'd just randomly write down ideas in notebooks I carried around, sometimes just stream of consciousness stuff.  I should do that again.

The past couple of days, though, I've come across some various transformation stories that I absolutely loved reading -- I loved many of the ideas, and the details that were provided... they felt so rich and intruiging to read.  I've occasionally written TF stories, although I've never posted any -- I think the only stories I've really posted were the Desire tournament ones.  I've talked with a friend recently about getting back into writing.... but seeing these wonderfully-written stories currently has me feeling more motivated to give it a try.  I just find myself facing down the same bugbear as I do with my drawing -- ideas about exactly what I would do.  It feels a little easier to dance around with writing, because I think I can take an idea and run with it more... but there still feels like a bit of a chasm before me.

Still, thinking about it... if there's one thing I've learned lately, it's that just thinking about something isn't enough.  It's far better to actually act...

Just some random thoughts this morning. ^^;


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