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(Best fitting category I could find...)

Our assignment this week in Puppet Animation class was to try out animating our character. I did this real quick because I had to leave, so I managed to animate about 10 seconds in half an hour, which isn't half bad, if you ask me. Plus I didn't have the magnets on, I bumped into the tripod and accidentally moved the camera, and all that...

He moves too quick, but that's because I didn't really know where I was going and I wasn't paying attention to the frame count. You can really see that by the end (when he's waving) I was starting to get used to moving him more. It was an interesting exercise... I think his waving looks hilarious. Too bad this film's going to be a drama, huh?

I feel reassured now that I know that stop-motion is forgiving. It looks way better than you think it's gonna be.

Sets due in less than two weeks... yikes!
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Hee hee.
He's all like "Hiiiiii!"
Does he know what fate has in store for him?