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*keiiii made me do it. D: Check hers out! [link]

So this meme is all about uncovering your top ten sexy guys (I limited myself to video games only because this could have been very complicated), one by one, as you finish drawing them. So expect to see this thing popping up in your devwatch every once in a while.

Sorry, guys--I'm a girl, so I'm starting with male characters first! I'll probably do a female one afterwards, just for kicks...

November 26th: Updated with #2. Yeah! I'm back on this!

Can you guess who #1 is? I'm not telling! Who do you think is missing?

:heart: 10. Id (Xenogears)
Don't get me wrong now--I liked Fei a great deal, because I always like characters that have some kind of dark side to them, and Fei's probably the winner in that category with his personality problems... but unfortunately for Fei, Id is much cooler as a character (except for what he's wearing--what it is exactly, who knows). He's powerful, he's scary, he's fascinating, he has a weird theme song AND he's got Fei's facial features, which can only be ten times more awesome with crazy fiery floating hair. As for the bushy eyebrows, well... they can always be trimmed.

:heart: 9. Ramza Beoulve (Final Fantasy Tactics)
The other kind of guys I like are those who are overwhelmingly pitiful, and Ramza qualifies quite easily. If there is one video game character who has a good reason to be emo, it's got to be him: his best friend betrays him and dies, his brothers betray him and die, he's wanted all over the place because he's supposedly a heretic, and he ends up having to hide forever. The good thing? He takes it like a man and never complains. How sexy is that?

:heart: 8. Rufus Shinra (Final Fantasy VII)
Sorry Sephiroth, Rufus is and always has been a better villain in my eyes! He doesn't need fancy magical powers and silvery hair to strike fear into people's minds... he just has enough cool and money, is all. His entrance speech was one of the best there was, enough for him to be one of my first video game crushes. I just don't get why they brought him back in Advent Children... he should have died in his office, not come back completely intact! How he could survive this is already a wonder, but without a scratch?

:heart: 7. Edward "Edge" Geraldine (Final Fantasy IV)
Call me old school if you will, but I've always preferred Edge over any other ninja character. I know it's a bit odd that a masked character finds his way in a list of sexy guys, but you have to admit that he does stand out. He's the first male character in any Final Fantasy game until this one to strike an impression as being brash, violent, loudmouthed, irresponsible, on top of being a skilled fighter--and he's a prince, too! How's that for the ladies? The newly released DS version of this game also brought in his sexy, sexy voice acting. How can Rydia ever resist that?

:heart: 6. Reno (Final Fantasy VII)
The first contender in this list not to wear a turtleneck (I swear it's a coincidence), Reno makes it to the sixth place mostly because of his attitude. I don't think the original design intended him to be beautiful at all; he's pale, scrawny and has very deep cheekbones and greasy hair, but he was brought back in Advent Children as a very good-looking man and now he's all over the place. I always preferred him to any other Turks because of his wit, humour and general apathy towards his job. He's only doing this for the money and doesn't really care if Shinra wins or not in the end. Now that's what I call an unusual villain!

:heart: 5. Bartholomew Fatima (Xenogears)
This list definitely needed a pirate, so here comes Bart, although his ship sails the sands instead of the seas. Not only is he cool enough to have a huge ship (with an awesome theme song, to boot), but he's a prince, too, and a handsome one at that: he's got a nice tan, golden locks and a deep blue eye. He's also skilled enough to be able to aim correctly with whips--of all weapons--despite having only one eye, and to top it all off, he gets up the funkiest and probably most impossible way in battles. Lastly, he doesn't have the usual and boring anime voice acting: his voice is awkwardly grave and far from being graceful, which makes him even more awesome.

:heart: 4. Locke Cole (Final Fantasy VI)
I longly hesitated who between Locke and Edgar should take this spot, but Locke wins it because he's such a sweetheart. He's naively defending every girl he meets because he feels he failed to protect Rachel, and doesn't want to fail twice. He also has some of the best quotes in the game ("Don't let a lecherous young king, who shall remain nameless, near you!"), has a thing for treasures and jewelry, and he's young and dashing. Who needs more? The only problem with him is actually his multiple designs--the in-game art shows him as a greyish brown-haired fellow wearing a bandana and a sleeveless top, but the booklet art has him with blonde hair and a coat. I improvised with what I had...

:heart: 3. Link (The Legend of Zelda series)
A list of cute guys wouldn't be complete without Link. He has gone some essential fashion changes throughout time (thank goodness for leggings, no?), but overall he has remained the same silent hero, rescuing damsels in distress without ever questioning why the hell it absolutely had to be him. To top it all off, he often has to cope with annoying sidekicks but he never complains! He can play music, conduct an orchestra, shoot flying monsters, use a sword, handle explosives, and he carries all his equipment all the time. Where does he put it? I'm guessing in his hat. The hat's gotta have a purpose, I say. And all this time he's saving beautiful women, he still finds a way not to fall in love. Now that's what I call dedication to his work.

:heart: 2. Setzer Gabbiani (Final Fantasy VI)
The funny thing with Setzer is that I now realize that I must've liked his design and mysterious past more than I actually liked the character, because I've just gone through the game again and I thought he was nothing special. I think what must've struck me as a kid was all of the unexplained facts revolving around him (which makes him the second most secretive character in the game, after Gogo of course)--why does he have scars all over his face? What was really going on between him and Daryl? Why did he become the Wandering Gambler in the first place? Why did he foolishly plan on abducting opera singer Maria hoping she'd fall for him? That makes him some sort of hopeless romantic who's got a soft spot for strong, daring women. And honestly, that sounds sexy to me.

:heart: 1. ???
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