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14/10/2020 - Tigglesaurus

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01/07/2020 - Tigglesaurus 

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What are retired mutations?

Retired mutations are mutations that were once part of the breed, but are no longer importable. They are inheritable, but are always optional if inherited! You can, but you do not have to use the retired mutation. A retired mutation can be brought back into the breed at any time, for any reason. A mutation can be retired at any time, but will always have an announcement.

Retired mutations can be removed from unregistered boucles if you want to! Here is how to remove it from A) a geno and B) a designed but not registered boucle:

A) Removing a retired mutation from a geno

To remove a retired mutation from a geno, simply remove the mutation from both the genotype and the phenotype. If you are unsure of how to do that, ask another member or an admin for help! Also clearly state in the artist comment of the foal design once submitted what you have removed - this is important.

B) Removing a retired mutation from a designed boucle

Please note that you can only do this with foal designs and only with boucles that have never been registered!
To remove a retired mutation from a foal design, do the following:
  1. Redesign your foal in the software of your choice.
  2. Remove the current design from the group.
  3. Change out the main file (please do not upload it as an entirely new design, if you want to you can upload the old one again instead).
  4. Change the information to match, and clearly state what you have removed.
  5. Resubmit your design to the group and have patience! :D

List of retired mutations

The extended version of a retired mutation are retired too!

Have any questions? Please ask them in our Questions and Answers journal!

This journal is retired, please see the website for info on Importing a Prize Import
This journal is retired, please see the website for info on Importing an MP Import
This journal is retired, please see the website for info on Importing a Custom Import

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