May the sparkle be with you.

Countdown to January Breedings

Monday, January 31st @ 2:59pm

January Breedings are here! Breedings are open until the 31st, see more info here: bit.ly/3GJ2r37


Please find all info on our website!

Boucle Lore!

Monthly Palette Challenge

August Palette!

Use this palette to create a piece of art of your boucle(s) OR write a piece of minimum 500 words literature including the words; Cherry, Lime, Apple, Pear & Cocoa! <3

NOTE: Submit art/lit to the "Monthly Prompt/Palette" folder for the +5MP prompt bonus to count. Remember that the Monthly Prompt bonus cannot be combined with payments or gifts! They can also only be completed once per month per boucle!

Art of this and previous prompts can be found here!


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SoraWithWings Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like that you included a literature version of the monthly prompt even though it was based on colors! :floating: 
fulociraptor Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
So what do we do with the boucle? Rp?
lumivarium Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2021
If you like, yes! What you do with your boucle is largely up to you, the group doesn't require any activity but we do have the MP/BP system to reward art and literature of your boucle :heart: There is also a canon lore, but it's not fully written out nor all that strict - you can have your boucle in whatever universe you want, but some of the group's events take place in the canonically original world of boucles :) You can read more on the website if you want to: boucle-unicorn.com/
Hope that helped!
everidi Featured By Owner Edited Mar 15, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
/edit moving question to the question page sorry
KikiO3000 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2020  Hobbyist Artist
Can I join and how do I join?
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