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Imperial Topaz// LCDC
Imperial Topaz is the ringmaster of the circus. She is the head of the entire operation.

Name: Imperial Topaz

Pronouns: She/her

Nicknames: Imperial, Topaz, Miss

Rank: Ringmaster

Gem Location: Right palm

Gem Cut: Triangle cut

Height: 6'2 or 188 cm

Weapon: Cane

Abilities: Common gem abilities

Personality: Imperial is calm, cool, and collected. Rarely ever lashes out at people, but when she does it does not goes well for anyone. She's a con woman to say the least. Although her circus is genuine, she has this suave kind of aura to her that makes her very persuasive. Has always been the kind of person to revel in the unknown. Cares about her staff, but doesn't show it. The most you'll get out of her is a smile and a pat on the head. Kind of creepy sometimes, especially when she smiles for a long time.

Backstory: Was made an off-color on a home world colony. After hiding underground, an agate offered to smuggle her and other gems off the planet to a "safe space". This "safe space" was a traveling circus owned a sadistic hessonite. She was forced to perform in unsafe circumstances and was told if they disobeyed they would all be turned over to the diamond authorities. Imperial formed a rebellion with her fellow performers and shattered the hessonite. Imperial ventured off to make her own circus, one where gems could be safe and express themselves. 

Fun Stuff-

Dance Style: Ballroom

Theme Song: Pure imagination - Ghostwriter Music:…

Other: Very good at telling if your lying, sneaks around a lot she thinks it makes the whole show more fun, Modified her cane to be weighted making it a more suitable weapon, don't ask about the gem on her cane it won't go well for you
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.:F2U:. Small Decorative Flower - Black Be Polite: This group was made for people to have fun. Don't ruin it for other people by harassing them. If this rule is broken       once you will be given a warning. A second offense and you will be kicked from the group

.:F2U:. Small Decorative Flower - Black Listen to Admins: Admins are here to moderate the group, if they ask something of you please comply. It will make things much easier for everyone. 

.:F2U:. Small Decorative Flower - Black Submitting: Please make sure to submit deviations into the correct folders.

.:F2U:. Small Decorative Flower - Black Applications: Please read the rules and look at the ranks before creating an application. 

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La Cirque De Cristal Apllication
This is the app for LCDC

Name: Name of your gem

Pronouns: What pronous do your gem use?

Nicknames: List of any nicknames your gem may have

Rank: What job does your gem have. Ranks can be found in a journal on the front page

Gem Location: Gems placement

Gem Cut: the cut or shape of the gem

Height: Self explanitory, feel free to use the canonical heights if you need too

Weapon: what kind of weapon they have, can be unknown or none at all

Abilities: the abilites your gem has

Personality: A quick lil paragraph about your gems personality, please be at least 5 full sentences

Backstory: The story of how your gem arrived at the Cirque, at least 5 full sentences.

Fun Stuff- 

Dance Style: what kind of dance style does your gem use for fusion

Theme Song: Any song you feel fits your characters personality or past

Other: other fun facts or tid bits of information that don't fit in the other categories

Here is a blank templet you can copy paste:





Gem Location: 

Gem Cut: 






Fun Stuff-

Dance Style: 

Theme Song: 

A New Icon!
I tried out a color pallete thingy on tumblr and it turned out nice so now its my icon. Yay


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