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This update is mostly to mourn the death of Dante. Well, not really.

As of now, support of Dante by #Botdom has officially been cut off. This is for several reasons:

:bulletred: The PHP update that caused the PHP bots to stop working (blog post about it here:…) still renders new Dante bots useless, as well as Dante bots that lose their authtoken.

:bulletred: It is such an old and unorganized bot that there are many different versions of Dante that are under the same version name and such. Too many warnings and error messages appear and there are too many crappy modules for it. For those of you who like Dante because of the many modules it has, we cannot support Dante for this reason alone. In time, similar modules can be made for the other available bots and can be made much better.

:bulletred: PHP never was a good language for bots. It's supposed to be used for web development, not applications like bots.

:bulletred: it is the bot that we have the most problems with in terms of people coming in the chatroom to ask for help with. Many of these problems can't be solved without completely rewriting the bot.

At this time, we suggest that you choose a different bot that we support to use, such as Contra, Komodo, Terra, or Cheddar. If Dante still works for you, we can't stop you from using it, but if you have problems with it we won't help you.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

~The Botdom Team

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