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I am knee-deep in the semester at BYU and cannot soon return to my ponification projects. I apologize for this. I may apply for an April 2015 graduation. If so, I should be able to return to these projects.
Philosophy major completed. I got a 3.52 GPA which is good considering some low grades here and there. Some of the papers I wrote were actually published! I intend to finish the SMB1 ponification in the ensuing weeks. Looking for a full-time job.
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I just wanted to make a story for Filly Fantasy IV and I do not intend to make that hack. I've seen hacks made from ff4kster such as Unprecedented Crisis, The Darkness Within, and Final Fantasy IV: Playable Golbez Edition. I've asked DrakeClawfang if he would make Filly Fantasy IV and he said no. To summarize my comments, I wanted to see somebody make Filly Fantasy IV based on Fedorajoe's Final Fantasy IV: Playable Golbez Edition hack but changed to stay true to the MLP canon made with the program FF4kster. You can download FF4kster at… and I hope my comments I've posted will help you make the ponified version of Final Fantasy IV with the plot staying true to the MLP cannon. I've tried FF4kster and it's a good program. If you do work on it, make sure you take notes on how you made that hack with contributions from other designers and programmers including Drakeclawfang. Sprites from… and… will be used as a base which will be edited to mimic each character's gameplay and outside of battle map sprites with Fluttershy's battle sprites made to mimic Edge Geraldine's battle sprites from the original game. As I said before, you'll have to get creative for Sunset Shimmer's battle sprites. I am sure that all of my comments including this one will help you with your Filly Fantasy IV project. Good luck!

If you made Filly Fantasy IV, you can have Queen Chrysalis represent Scarmiglione, Gaia Everfree represent Barbariccia, Sombra represent Cagnazzo, and Discord representing Rubicante. All the battle sprites for playable characters from both from Filly and Pony Fantasy VI can be reused for Filly Fantasy IV. Oh yeah, Sunset Shimmer would represent Golbez for that hack. If you want to make Filly Fantasy IV like the Golbez Edition of Final Fantasy IV but in the style of My Little Pony, use the Final Fantasy II (U) (V1.1) Rom of Final Fantasy, and make two different rom files of that rom, and patch one of them with the golbezPatch082316.ips checking what fedorajoe did with his rom using FF4kster giving out one idea with what it will look like and make a lot of edits with the unpatched rom using FF4kster. You can also use… as a base for your project but will be edited to look like the Playable Golbez Edition. Sunset Shimmer will represent Golbez throughout the playthrough and is playable, but will go back to Equestria in the ending unlike her counterpart, Trixie as Tellah, Luna as Kain for most of the story except for the ending since she decides to stay with her older sister as an apology for the pain she caused to everypony in Equestria including her older sister since she was the one that started it all and staying with her in the ending will make her feel happy knowing that everypony has forgiven her, Rarity as Rydia, Fluttershy as Rosa, Zephyr Breeze as Edward/Gilbert, Flash will fill in for Edge but is unplayable, Applejack as Cid, Sweetie Belle as Palom, Scootaloo as Porom, Princess Cadence for the Elder, Rainbow Dash will play for Kain in the beginning of the game then Yang after Filly Rarity summons a monster which causes quake that normally separates Kain and Cecil in the original game, Celestia as Fusoya, and Adagio as Zemus/Zeromus. Adagio's base form will be Zemus redesigned to look like Adagio and her siren form from the movie will represent Zeromus' unstoppable form with her second siren form representing what Adagio truly is using… as a reference. Hope makes a cameo at the end for the Helmetless Kain. The last part of the ending before the credits will be a rerun of the Season 3 Finale but will have Sunset Shimmer in the ending. It will take a while for it to be complete, but good luck! Here's a sample for the Demon Sunset theme at the time she's mind controlled by Adagio and for the She-demon battle theme at the moon for Filly Fantasy IV:… You may hear a lot of comments from me and I apologize if it is spam. Oh yeah, Gilda would represent Baigan and play his character perfectly. Similar to what I said before, take your time and don't release that hack until it is finished.

Here's the commands and gameplay for each character in Filly Fantasy IV: Trixie's commands Job: Sage Fight Magic Steal(named Mug in the original game) Item Gameplay: Magic command will replace Tellah's Magic commands and it will be a mashup of ninjitsu spells, useful white magic, and damaging black magic. She'll begin with Flame, Flood, Blitz, Smoke, Blink, Life, Cura, Esuna, and Stop. Once Twilight becomes an Alicorn Princess, Trixie gains access to Aero, Quake, Bio, Flare, and Meteor. Also, here Life1(Life) and Cure2(Cura) is upgraded to Curaja(Cure4) and Arise(Life2) respectively. She's the complete opposite of Tellah in terms of gameplay, but will begin with 99 MP and will increase by 10 each level up to 199 giving the player a chance to use Meteor. After using Bio, Flame, Blitz, and Flood, she'll use Meteor and sacrifice herself to stop Sunset Shimmer's mind-control spell on Princess Luna. Unlike Tella vs. Golbez, Bio will do normal damage, Flame representing Firaga will do half damage, and Blitz/Flood representing Bolt3 and Ice3 respectively will do double damage. Trixie's steal rate is very high. Applejack Job: Chief Fight Scan Rage Item Gameplay: Applejack plays just about the same as Cid Pollendina except that she can wield two weapons. She is a very good physical attacker as well. Unlike Cid in the original game, she stays with the party until the Moon Whale is summoned. Also, her weapon damage gets buffed. Rage is the same as Breserk and the battle message will say "Breserked! after that command is used." Belle(Sweetie Belle) Job: BlkMage(Black Mage) Fight Black(Black Magic) Twin Bluff Item Gameplay: She'll play similar to her big sister, but doesn't have the summon command because she is just a filly. However, she begins with all Fire, Ice, and Thunder spells. Their Pyroblast, Comet get buffed in damage but their Twin Meteor gets nerfed. They don't need Twin Stars to learn Twin Meteor. Bluff acts the same as The After Years. Scoot(Scootaloo) Job: WhtMage(White Mage) Fight White(White Magic) Twin Roost Item Gameplay: She'll play just like Porom, but will begin with all spells that Cecil can learn as a Paladin. Roost is a brand new command for Scootaloo and it heals major HP to herself with no MP cost. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo have Twin command right from the start. Zephyr Breeze Job: Pegasus Fight Sing Hide Item Gameplay: He'll play just like Edward in Unprecedented Crisis minus the Regen(Regenerate) command. Dash(Rainbow Dash's Commands) Job Class: WonColt(Wondercolt) Fight Cover Dash(Rainbow Dash does her famous dash stance from the TV show) Roost Item Gameplay: Gave Cover to Rainbow Dash instead of Twilight Sparkle to stay true to her character. Chakra is replaced with Roost. Dash command is the same as Yang's Kick. Unicorn Twily: Job: Unicorn Fight Htwav(Heat Wave) Black(Black magic) Item Gameplay: Twilight Sparkle as a Unicorn will begin with the same spells as Golbez from the After Years, and will start at Level 15 with Cecil's Level 15 After Years Stats. Unlike Cecil, she will start with 160 MP and will not increase until she reaches Level 40. Alicorn Twily: Job: Alicorn Fight White(White Magic) Black(Black Magic) WBlck(only when Sunset Shimmer joins the party) Item Gameplay: Alicorn Twilight Sparkle gains white magic after giving up Heat Wave and can learn spells twice as fast than every playable character in Final Fantasy IV. Unlike Celestia, she does not have Regen(Regenerate). As an Alicorn, her magic stats are high making her very useful for the team. If Dark Knight Twilight reaches Level 30 before she becomes an Alicorn, she'll have all the black and white magic.Twilight can also use Double Black Magic with Sunset Shimmer when she joins the party. Luna: Job: DkKnght(Dark Knight) Fight Black(Black Magic) Dive(Jump in the original game) Item Gameplay: Unlike Kain, Luna can learn black magic staying true to her character. Filly Rarity Job: Filly Fight Black(Black Magic) White(White Magic) Summn(Summon) Item Gameplay: She starts at Level 1 with the same level and stats Tellah joins the party and will begin with the Black Magic spells Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Stop, and Osmose, and the White Magic spells Cura, Life, Blink, Esuna, Confuse, and Teleport. Unlike Kid Rydia, she'll have both White and Black magic. Adult Rarity Job: Summonr(Summoner) Fight Black(Black Magic) Summn(Summon) Item Gameplay: Same as Adult Rydia in the original Final Fantasy IV. Like Adult Rydia in Final Fantasy IV, she loses the White(White Magic) command and can no longer use white magic as of the second fight against she-demon Sunset Shimmer. Shy(Fluttershy) Job: Pegasus Fight Magic(replacement for Ninja Magic) Throw Stare(replacing Pressure command) Item Gameplay: Other than playing, representing Rosa, and starting with her Level 15 stats from The After Years, she'll have the Throw command which allows Fluttershy to throw shurikens, knives, and weapons. Unlike Rosa, she can use buffing magic on all her allies. She also has Stare which stuns enemies making her an all balanced character. The weak weapons get a buff when they are thrown making her very useful for the team. Sunset(Sunset Shimmer) Job: Unicorn Fight Black(Black Magic) Htwav(Heat Wave) WBlck(She has this command when she joins the party) Item Gameplay:… will be used as a base to determine the stats for Sunset Shimmer when she joins the party. Like Golbez in the After Years, she'll start with 2971 HP at Level 50. Unlike Golbez, she'll have all black magic spells when she joins the party. Like Twilight, before she became an alicorn, Sunset Shimmer has Heat Wave(HtWav) command. Since she has Black Magic that causes status problems to enemies, Sunset Shimmer will not have Pressure. WBlck(Double Black Magic) is a brand new command for Filly Fantasy IV. Sunset Shimmer and Twilight combine their powerful black magic spells into one and has a 30% chance of casting Fire3, Ice3, or Bolt3 with a 10% chance of casting Meteor. The Damage of this command is reliant on Black Magic from both characters combined into one. The limit of Magic Damage is 16383 and you can use the Final Fantasy IV - Break Damage Limit patch cause one of their magic damage would go over 9999 which is the normal limit. Celest(Celestia) Job: Alicorn Fight Black(Black Magic) White(White Magic) Regen(Regenerate) Item Gameplay: Princess Celestia represents Fusoya and will begin at Level 50 with 2010 HP instead of 1900 and will begin with 200 MP instead of 190. Flash(Flash Sentry) Despite representing Edge Geraldine, Flash Sentry will have 7 battle sprites instead of 13 since he is a non-playable character and will use Black Magic instead of Ninjitsu. His battle sprites will only appear in cutscenes and will have Edge's Level 35 stats from The After Years but with 1991 HP. He'll help Celestia using the same spells when Golbez took on Zemus in the original game, but his Firaga(Fire3),Blizzaga(Ice3),and Thundaga(Bolt3) will do more damage. Like Golbez in the original game, or Edge if you are playing the Playable Golbez Edition, he'll use Meteor on two forms of Adagio. Unfortunately, he cannot use the Crystal Heart. You'll need ff4kster to make Filly Fantasy IV and the commands for each character shown here. Unlike Filly Fantasy VI, Filly Fantasy IV will be based on Fedorajoe's Playable Golbez Edition of Final Fantasy IV. You'll have to ask RydelFox for sprites for each playable character including Flash Sentry's 6 battle battle sprites. The battle sprites for each character is reused from Filly Fantasy VI with Sunset Shimmer's sprites from Filly Fantasy VI using pallet swaps from different Filly Fantasy VI characters to make a fully playable Sunset Shimmer. Sunset Shimmer's battle sprites for Filly Fantasy IV will match Golbez's 2D from the After Years battle sprites except for Pressure/Heat Wave which will be a palette swap of Pinkie Pie's summon magic sprite.… is the site where if the Demon Sunset Shimmer enemy sprite which can be used for two battles against Sunset Shimmer as an enemy which can be reused against she-demon fight in the Moon Subterrane. Good luck finding all the ponified enemies and bosses with a few of them from the Equestria Girls series. Trust me, all characters will stay true to their MLP counterparts including Sunset Shimmer from the Equestria Girls series. Sunset Shimmer as a demon is the result of Adagio taking over Sunset's body using her hatred for Celestia reflecting Sunset Shimmer's demon/evil personality in her Equestria Girls debut until Celestia breaks the curse and joins the heroes afterwards simlar to Golbez in the Playable Golbez Edition. Good Luck! It'll be a very hard project. Don't release that romhack until it is finished. To make the hack stay true to the MLP Cannon, Sunset and Luna's roles are switched in the ending and Rainbow Dash takes over for Kain in the beginning until Rarity(Rydia) summons a monster that uses quake which normally separates Kain and Cecil in the original game. Some of the new commands will have to be replaced with ones that were not as useful in the original game with most of the new ones based on the Final Fantasy IV: Unprecedented Crisis hack, which you'll need to have a separate rom file for that. Use ff4kster with the Unprecedented Crisis hack checking the commands from that hack and use that as a reference. WBlck(W-Black) is the new command for Sunset Shimmer and Twilight which Alicorn Twilight cannot use until Sunset Shimmer joins the party. It acts the same as The After Years during the time when Fusoya and Golbez took on Zeromus' Malice. If Sunset and Twily is about to use Double Meteor, Twily says "Let's use Meteor!" and Sunset will respond "Right!"

In case you were wondering about Fluttershy for Filly Fantasy IV, I've decided to make Fluttershy the playable ninja instead of Flash Sentry. This is because I loved her playing Shadow in Filly Fantasy VI due to the fact that she has a ninja-like personality. Being the element of kindness she is, having her play similar to Edge stays true to her ninja-like personality despite representing Rosa. I wanted the plot to stay true to the MLP canon as possible with Sunset Shimmer joining the heroes after she breaks free from mind control just like Golbez in Fedorajoe's Final Fantasy IV: Playable Golbez Edition hack. Gameplaywise, I wanted to make Fluttershy a well-balanced character. Fluttershy's Magic spell set: Flare Flood Blitz Smoke Reflect Cure4 Arise Mirage Float Esuna Haste Level 29: Tremor(Quake Animation) Frost(Ice3 Animation) Blast(Fire3 Animation) Shock(Bolt3 Animation) Level 35: Osmose Level 45: Flare Level 50: Holy… are the battle sprites for Flash Sentry since I had Fluttershy become the ninja and made Flash Sentry represent Edge as a non-playable character. I wanted to make Flash more likable as a supporting character having him act more humble than his counterpart and it would be nice to see Celestia and Flash Sentry fight Adagio as revenge for being mind controlled by her in Rainbow Rocks.

Sorry if this description is long, but I figured out how to make Filly Fantasy IV. Unlike Filly Fantasy VI, I've wanted the plot of Filly Fantasy IV to stay true to the MLP canon so it will be based on Fedorajoe's Final Fantasy IV: Playable Golbez Edition instead of the original game.
Wow... You wrote a long, long, LONG request. lol.

I actually have a full-time job with Siemens now (very good company). My time is basically non-existent. This does seem interesting but you may want to tag someone else for this. I'm always cool with helping out but the time commitments for this sort of thing are just too great. Also, I'm not as much of a brony as I used to be. Heck, I live three city blocks from the Double Tree hotel next to SeaTac Airport and I doubt I'll make it to Everfree 2017.

I've also never played the Golbez hack and I've only played through FFIV a few times and the most recent time was at least 5-6 years ago.

I was actually working with someone on the All-stars hack. Maybe you should divvy out responsibilities to ease your overall work-load on this project. It can also be tough to do that as quality often suffers (as it did in the case of my helper--I had to go through and "fix" all his animations).

I would recommend retooling all the scenario mechanics and then altering the sprites, music, and other things to make the game seem pony-ish.

Back when I had thought of doing this, I wanted it to take place during the Hearth's Warming era of Equestria. It seemed apropos to the to the setting of FFIV and would fit in the overall narrative. Food for thought.

Again, my workdays including the commute are about 11 hours. And then I like to hit up the gym and/or basically relax in the evenings. I also have other projects I'd like to get to. I have a student loan I need to pay off which might lead me to switch to a part-time job though that is still months from now. I'm also getting a bit too old for this sort of thing (lol I mean I can't spend much more time on "free" projects).

It is all interesting, of course.

You may have to do this if you want to see it done.
Work on your Ponified All-Stars romhack first. Then try to do my request. I've played the Golbez hack and I've wanted to see if anyone else could ponify it. I can't guarantee it will be done by you. Anyways, I just don't have the time to work on romhacks but I made a story for what it will be like though.
I'm actually not working on the All-Stars hack any longer, nor have I worked on it in over a year.
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There's several bugs when playing Super Pony All-Stars (especially when playing on a mobile SNES emulator):

SMB1/SMBLL: When you collect a Super Mushroom, the background and sprites become a glitched wreck, and at random points (including the title screen demos) you'll swim around.

SMB2: Sometimes, the Shy Guys will warp to a random location.

SMB3: When starting it up, it becomes completely unplayable, resulting in a black screen with no music or sound effects.