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Rainbow Dash swimming

Because swimming in water is overrated.

Made from scratch, but based on this animation here since I simply couldn't remember the episode this was from. ^^;
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amazing! Rainbow's swimming technique is also really good. She should become a swimmer.

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Rainbow Dash SNERK...and then ......CLIFF!Rainbow Dash Shocked (Emoticon)
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"Boss boss all around, swimming through the boss, bossy swagger Rainbow Dash, you just know what I mean."
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I would have said more but "Nice!" pretty much sums it up :D
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That's perfectly fine. =P Thanks again. :)
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How long do these things take you!?
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Depends on the complexity of the sprite. On average, maybe two hours, give or take.
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Looks like the beginning of May the Best Pet Win. Nice work!
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Oh wow! Haha! That wonderful!
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Looks really smooth. Nice job!
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Wow, this is pretty cool!
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S02E07 May the Best Pet Win.  great animation, will have to add to mine.  ~<3
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