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Moondancer trotting

By Botchan-MLP
More of Twilight's evil miscolored clone.

Made using a Desktop Ponies template.
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Hey you wanna know something odd? She was inspired by a G1 pony with the same name, but in that generation, she Also had a baby pony named baby Moondancer. It's true!
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Hey you wanna know something odd? 
A lot of ponies are inspired from other generations. Heck even Cheerilee.
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Who knows. She might be from a long line of Moondancers. Pony names can be weird like that.
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Looks good, can't wait to have her in the app. :D
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Thanks. :) If you don't want to wait, you can also download her here:
I also usually post my new ponies in the ponychan thread, so even though it's not as active anymore as it once used to be, it's still worth checking out every once in a while. ;)
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Thanks. I used to keep checking the app to see if there was a link to an update in the ponychan thread xD

But still thanks again. :)
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Yeah, the update notification is great when it comes to keeping the program up to date, but obviously it doesn't inform you of anything else that may be posted on the thread.  :)
No problem.
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Lol i wasn't the only one thinking it. XDDD But i kind of liked but she was annoying me too. I understand twi didn't come to your bday part but dang. >.> just accept her apology! XD lol anyway good job! :3
OddishCrafts's avatar
Looking good and dishevelled!
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