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Double Diamond trotting

By Botchan-MLP
One of the ponies who helped saving the Mane 6's cutie marks.

Made using a Desktop Ponies template.
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Why is his name Double Diamond if his cutiemark has 3 diamonds?
AleksyThePony's avatar
Those aren't diamonds. They're snowflakes.
lunalulamoon's avatar
cani use it ill give u full credit
TotallyDeviantLisa's avatar
Welcome to Equestria, Double Diamond :)
dashsora's avatar
I love your Sprites from DD, PV, SB and NG^^
my 4 Favourite Ponys
LiniaTheHedgehog's avatar
Can i use this as icon? :3
Botchan-MLP's avatar
Sure, just give credit.
A7xCaramel's avatar
I feel that these will be used in a fan game later down the road.
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TheSilverandJadeShow's avatar
Do you mind if I use this as my icon? Ill give you credit.
Botchan-MLP's avatar
No problem then.
TheSilverandJadeShow's avatar
hey, I don't mean to trouble you, but can you change the size? My computer needs it to be 50x50 and smaller than 15kB. I understand if you cant do it, blame my computer......freaking windows 8
Botchan-MLP's avatar
If you are going to use it as a user-icon on dA, that's perfectly normal and doesn't have anything to do with your computer.
I'm not changing the size (and please read my FAQ next time) but you can do so yourself on sites like, for example.
TheSilverandJadeShow's avatar
Thank you very much and next time I will read your FAQ. Sorry for not knowing about it in general.
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