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Desktop Ponies - A Beginner's Guide

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A small step-by-step tutorial in which I create a tutorial pony and you are invited to join me. Doesn't go into too much detail but covers all of the basics as well as some of the more complex stuff.

This is not a spriting tutorial. It's just a guide how to code your own desktop pony using the program's built-in pony editor and is meant to be used with Desktop Ponies v1.50 and up.

Here are some downloads to go with it:

Tutorial Sprite Pack - contains all the sprites needed to recreate the tutorial pony.
"Tutorial Partner" pony - contains a simple desktop pony that can be used for the "interactions" tutorial.

Update: In case the direct downloads from deviantart don't work, here are some alternate download links:

I'm by no means an expert in creating these kind of guides, so if you find mistakes or have helpful suggestions for improvements, please tell me so. I'll try to keep this up-to-date for the time being.
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