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Cheese Sandwich playing accordion

By Botchan-MLP
And a happy birth-iversary to you. :party:

Made from scratch.
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THis is really cool how do you make these?
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Thank you. :)
Well, I just kinda draw them. There are tons of sprite tutorials on deviantart if you are really interested in how these are done.
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that's really cool! i'll check it out.
so you draw them frame by frame?
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For the most part, yeah. Sometimes, one can get away with just copying/pasting certain parts and shifting them around a bit, depending on the animation, but yes, the bottom line is I make a bunch of frames that then get turned into an animated gif.
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Do ALL party ponies in Equestria have the ability to break the laws of physics?
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Apparently so. Then again, we only really know of two so far.
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I made a PMV out of this animation, with the permission of the original creator.…
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I looked at this while listening to Uptown Funk. I lol'd. :XD:
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It's a good piece of work. :3
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"Weird" Al Yankovic, and Cheese Sandwich are both hoots to watch.
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CHEESE! how are you still going? I last checked on you 5 WEEKS AGO!!!
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It's looks like he's going "wah! wah! wah!" whenever he opens his mouth :-P
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 Hey! Will it be okay to put this on my Tumblr description? ^-^I'll be sure to credit you!
Botchan-MLP's avatar
In that case, sure.
FlimsySquid's avatar
Thank you very much!
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Can your Pixel art be use for my home page on devinatART 
Botchan-MLP's avatar
As long as you give credit, sure.
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Im so jealous  of you're talents!
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Heh, thanks. It's mostly just practice, though.
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