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Welcome to Botany Stock!

A bit of background: I'm a traditional artist who has been on DA for several years theperian.deviantart.com

In that time, I have come to rely very much on the generous stock photographers of this site. I know how difficult it is to find stock with relatively few restrictions, so I am now setting up this account to share what photos I can to help out other artists.

The rules:

:bulletgreen: You can use any photo on this page as reference for your traditional or digital art.
:bulletgreen: You can sell the original of your artwork which used this stock as a reference.
:bulletgreen: You can make small batch prints (e.g. if you sell less than 100 copies) of your artwork without asking my permission first.
:bulletgreen: Off-site use of your artwork (not the raw stock) is fine, so long as you send a link (to my other account, please) or list it in the description when you upload the artwork to DA.
:bulletyellow: Mass-produced prints or commercial work of your art which uses this stock as reference (e.g. CD covers, greeting cards, advertisements) will probably be fine, but contact me first so we can work out the details! (Note my other account, otherwise I might not reply in a timely manner.)
:bulletred: Do not redistribute the stock found on this site.

UPDATE: :bulletgreen: By popular request, photo-manipulations made with this stock are now allowed. Simple manipulation, e.g. use of colour filters, application of a texture, etc., is also permitted but ONLY if this is being done as part of a tutorial on photo editing techniques. Please credit me with a link back to this account if you use a picture from the Botany Stock collection as part of your photo-manipulation. And I would love to see the finished product, so please send me a link to your image when you have a chance.

I would deeply appreciate it if you would link back to me in your artwork's description by typing : icon botany stock : without the spaces. And send me a link once the picture is uploaded, so I can add it to my favourites. I look forward to seeing what is made of it! (If you can send me a note at my other account theperian.deviantart.com that would be ideal, as I will not be logged on to this account often.)

Requests are welcome. I live in the Pacific Northwest, so please be aware that I'm limited by location, season and climate, and may not be able to find the plant or flower you need a picture of. But if I know where to find it, I'll go take a photo.
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glad I read your journal! I thought I would not be able to use these in photomanips and they are just GORGEOUS. <3 thank you for being awesome. <3