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Kakashi has a plan

Naruto,Sakura,Sasuke,Kakashi,Pakkun(c) Kishimoto Masashi
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naruto is going to win because he can eat so much ramen

ImmaNinjaPplz's avatar
I predict brain freeze...
RogueRikku's avatar
Do Shadows Clones count?
DariusZeth's avatar
sakura actually looks cute in this one
LolonoaZoro's avatar
When will the new one be out??
BotanofSpiritWorld's avatar
Working on it, had a bit of trouble on one of the panels, so it took me a while. Also, I'm trying to draw up more pages so more can be posted up too. Sorry about the wait
uchiha-hinata's avatar
;-; I want Hina-Hime's team to win!
AuroraPupXoxo's avatar
This is so Funny!!!! lol, i cant believe Naruto did his "Sexy" jutsu as Sakura-chan! ROFL!
ChaosVincent1's avatar
Sakura's going to flirt with Rock Lee
Sasuke's going to use his sharingan to put hinata into a genjutsu
Naruto and a bunch of shadow clones are going to be EATING LIKE CRAZY!
Wingsong5555's avatar
Uh oh. What are you planning now Kakashi?
Rebaju2's avatar
racerabbit's avatar
Pakuuuuun!!!! XD
mydearbeloved's avatar
I like Sakura's pose in the first panel. c: Good job.
Lilo1990's avatar
:O is kakashi going to cheat too?!!
NeumanProductions's avatar
Hey Kakashi, I don't understand their roles.
BotanofSpiritWorld's avatar
It's a secret at the moment, it'll be shown later on what their up to XD
Blaze-Typhoon's avatar
When he has a plan, it shall never fail
Can't wait till they show what the plan is :confused:
Great way to hook up the reader to the story
and Naruto has a Great White Shark me :D
What's with NO D?
BotanofSpiritWorld's avatar
It's "nod" it's basically the sound effect of them shaking their heads downward agreeing with him. Sorry if it's a bit confusing
Ok, thanks for the info. :)
skerrigansc's avatar
Wonder what the plan is :dance: And how it will go wrong XD Team 7 FTW :boogie:
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