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First anime I ever saw- The Littl' Bits



Back in the early 90's when I was a little kid, there were many shows on tv that were anime but I didn't realize it at the time because I wasn't even aware what anime was. That includes Mighty Morphin Power Rangers too, not realizing it was from Japan.

Anyways, this is a pic of the characters from the show "The Littl' Bits" The Japanese name according to wikipedia
was "Mori no Yōki na Kobitotachi: Berufi to Rirubitto" But this is such an old series from Japan, that I'm just gonna refer
to the English version since it's the only version I know.

Here we have the characters from left to bottom, to right are: Willibit, Lillibit and Snagglebit.

These are the 3 main characters of the show. After finding episodes on youtube of them I find myself
liking Snagglebit's character a lot more. But I still like all 3 either way.

Haha, this is nostalgic for me, so it's pretty much just me having nostalgic fun here.

If any of you want to check out an episode you can find them on youtube, I would recommend watching the episode: The Littl' Bits - Election Day
It shows the interactions between the main 3 characters and showing a lot of the adult characters and bit more and about their world. And another interesting episode is: The Littl' Bits - The Snow Woman

As a little kid of 6 or 7 I enjoyed watching this show alot. :heart:

Willibit,Lillibit,Snagglebit(c) Tatsunoko Productions
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I love this show! This is my favorite tv show! Lillibit, Willibit and Snagglebit in this picture are the 3 main characters! And I see that their on a mushroom!