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Two Large Male Allosaurus Brothers took down a Camptosaurus during the Dry season in The Morrison formation. They were The Lions or kings of their time. However it doesn't mean they were the only large predator of The Morrison formation. They could be the kings but they only make up for that in their numbers as a Larger Carnivore makes its way towards them. If the Allosaurus is The Lion then The Torvosaurus is The Tiger. A Large Female Torvosaurus causes The Two Brother's to act aggressively towards The Torvosaurus. She stops for a second and then makes a low croak or growl as it causes the two male Allosaurus to back up. One Male Allosaurus snaps it's jaws at the Torvosaurus but The large predator defends itself by swiping its claw into the face of the Older Brother as It backed off as the younger brother takes a massive bite to the female Torvosaurus on her leg as She snapped her jaws at him. The two brothers walk off as they make a low growling sound as They walk off as The Female Torvosaurus eats what was the Brother's kill. Even if your the King of The late jurassic. There is always someone bigger than you.
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I'm pretty sure Torosaurus and Allosaurus are about the same size in the Morrison, unless you include Saurophaganax as Allosaurus. So this is a little strange for me.

Great art though. Love the shading and coloration.

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In height I think they are the same but in weight is a different story. So basically a lion and a Tiger. But I think Torvosaurus is slightly taller