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Metro Series D2

A series of shot in the Copenhagen Metro.

The first ones is from my digital Camera. I'm still waiting for my film to come back from the store, then I will post some taken with my analogue as well.
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You work with film as well? How come? Or is it just for fun?
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- I've used this pic in this Journal [link]
and this Editorial [link]


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ser sgu fedt ud :D
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hehehe jeg har næsten samme shot!!
men dam dit er sku nået federe end mit...
godt fanget!!!
Laurie-J's avatar
you're very sligtly off centre i think.. ..but still very nice
eurasianrose86's avatar
this is one heck of an amazing shot...great job!
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Fantastic shot...but.. you won't believe me, but i have taken the same pic during my trip in the lovely cph... funny!! =D
PS you're from cph, aren't you??
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Yes you're right. I'm from Copenhagen. I really love it here. I hope you had a nice time in Cph.

I've read your profile but I don't know where the town is located in italy is it the north or south?
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yes.i have loved cph and i'm looking forward to go there again... maybe this summer.
Last summer i have been to a fashion model party in a garage underground and i enjoyed a lot... (illum car park, maybe you know it...)
Anyway, Rovereto (Trento) is a small city in the north (1h from Verona by car.. 30 min if you take the highway)
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fedt billede !
uhre's avatar
ikke så originalt, men alle skal vel lave et. Jeg mangler bare og har ikke været på metroen endnu, men det kommer vel.
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very nice colors and composition =)
i like it :clap:
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prøvede faktisk at gøre det sammen, men resultate blev ikke godt, dårlig belysning og for mange mennesker.
bookdiva's avatar
Very nice lines and contrasts of light and tones, good movement, nice composition, well done!
estellabelle's avatar
I'm terrified of escalators...(got grabbed by one when i was little)...but I realllly like this pic. The various shades of metal mixed with diff. hues of blue and purple. Captured very nicely. Good clean lines and excellent framing.
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Thank you sooo much..

If you are terrified of escalators, then you won't like the Metro in Copenhagen. It has many long escalators, and there's a free fall from the top to the buttom at about 20 meters. :fear:
scoons's avatar
Just AMAZING shot! Colors, geometry, proportions - all is fine!
bowlingforrainbows's avatar
so modern looking !
i love the composition
a full view of the two escalators on either side, and then the two in the middle
A great clean shot with amazing focus :)
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Excellent perspective...+ the colours are superb.

shaterddreamz's avatar
this is very eye appealing :nod: nice nice composition is perfect ;) nice work!!!
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Thank you sweetie :hug: - and a happy new year to you..
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awesome shot, when was no-one there so you could take this shot?
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Actually it was a saturday at 4-5pm.

The metro is kind of new and it is not working that well. Therefore it is not used very much.
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