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Commissions are now closed!

I kind of want to work on my own stuff the more I think about it, so it might be a while before I open comms again. ;w; Sorry for me being so wishy-washy about this!

If you order a commission, you agree to the terms of service. Please read them before ordering.

Note that I do not draw OCs with the following canon characters

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment! That also means that, if you would like to order something not specifically included on my commissions, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm more than happy to talk about it!

To order a commission, please leave a comment on this journal or send a note with the filled form:

Type of commission:
 [Ex. Full Body or Chibi]
Background Style: [None, Solid/Gradient, Simple, or Complex -- unless specifically stated otherwise, all none-background commissions come with an outline and shadow along with a simple rectangle for chibis, midbis, and regular commissions]
Payment Method: [Points {100:points:=$1}, Paypal, or approved alternative method] -- I will ask for your email by note when payment is expected. 
References: [Must be picture references of some kind! Description only will have an additional charge. Pose ideas are greatly appreciated]
Additional Notes: [Anything I may need to know about the characters - Personality of characters, type of pose you're thinking of, etc.]

Chibi Commissions

Chiemi Icon by bossusaurus Fullname by bossusaurus [KHR] 072217 by bossusaurus Mocha Chibi Heads by bossusaurus [FE14] Royal by bossusaurus

Regular Commissions

[G] HBD ThirdAce by bossusaurus [SnK] 071717 by bossusaurus<da:thumb id="682704504"/> [FE14] Iris by bossusaurus
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I'll be saving my money for the Regular Commissions when they open up c: