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ZBrush Birdman

By bossquibble
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This is my second ZBrush sculpt. Learned a ton doing this - DynaMesh, ZSpheres, polypainting, human anatomy, etc.

The bumpy skin was created using the "Reptile1" alpha by Ali Minaian: [link]

The creature design was very loosely inspired by Hieronymous Bosch's creatures. Just a dude with a bird head, really... I looked at lots of baby birds, plucked chickens, and muscular people for reference.

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I hate Zbrush. Everything made in Zbrush looks like carved soap, no matter how you render it.
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This looks so awesome! Wow!

I saw a Naija ZBrush teaser somewhere (I think on the good old twit page). Will you be posting it here when it's done? :)
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Damn, this looks so good!
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You dont fool me, this was your reference: [link]

Nice work
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Not sure if trolling/joking/hwatever, but it actually is from Thundercats :P
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That looks awesome! Reminds me of He-Man or Thundercats. :)
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Nice. It has a sort of art nouveau storybook feel to it (Arthur Rackham?).
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Thanks, Arne! I think it's the material I used ("Skeleton") - gives it a kind of washed out vibe.
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Dang, that chest looks so good! The back could use a bit more love, but you're picking this 3D up so quickly!
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Backs are hard... and also kind of boring!
Hey, this guy looks awesome! I'm trying to learn Zbrush now, it seems really well optimized for tablet use, but when things go wrong it is absolutely the hardest / most frustrating program I've ever used.
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Thanks! I'm just starting out, too, but are you having trouble with anything in particular?
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