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Pixel Spaceship

By bossquibble
I’ve been experimenting with doing pixel art by painting them at double-size before reducing them (Nearest Neighbor) and detailing pixel-by-pixel. While I’m detailing, I’ll reduce the number of colors a few times, too. (This is in Photoshop.) Seems to work alright!

Note: I uploaded this before as a .png but decided it'd look better as a .gif - sorry if you commented/favorited the other one before I deleted it!
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Hi! Can I use this image for a game that I'm programming (I'm programmer, but a disaster with design).
I'll wainting for your answer.

Have a nice day!!
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Derek Yu. I finally found you.
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Could you allow me to use this for a non-profit school project?

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It's amazing, don't care about the colour count, it doesn't matter at all.
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It's your next game ?
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Nice one !
I love the designs
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Nice work! how long did it take to create this?
I would be interested in seeing the painting stage before resolution reduction. I'd specifically be looking to see how you paint differently when you intend to pixelate. An artist painting pixel art in this manner may work with awareness of how line widths will translate into numbers of pixels, etc.
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Sure! Here's the original painting I worked off of: [link]

I didn't worry too much about how it would translate into pixels. I just hope for the best and try to fix things later.
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Beautiful! *_*
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Saw this on tumblr, it's great. Do you constrict your colours beforehand or just eliminate (as you said) along the way and end up with whatever combination? I feel like there's kinda too much freedom with a PS colour picker.
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I'm not working from a specific palette, so no, I don't limit my colors beforehand. And as others have pointed out, this piece still has a pretty high color count in the end (53).
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53! really? that sounds a lot.
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really nice reminds me a bit of FTL (Faster then Light)
good work :)
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