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Gesture Drawings Summer-Fall '12

By bossquibble
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Gesture drawings done during the Summer/Fall of 2012. About 10-20 minutes each.

These were not done on the same sheet of paper - I put them together in Photoshop!
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Lovely line-work! Marvelous!
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Really quite nice. You've got a great variety of tone with the charcoal. How big were they originally?
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You've got to be proud of these. The efficiency and expression of your strokes is far above average. Selection of relevant details is great too. I know you composited these drawings in PS, but do you do a bit of that on site? I find that useful.
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Thank you very much! I'm relatively happy with them, since I haven't done any figure drawing in years. Still a ways to go, though...

All of these were done on their own sheet of paper, but I'll take your advice next time and mix it up more. Especially with the shorter poses.

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated!
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Hey, no problem. I do all of my 2-5 minute poses on as fewer pages as possible, cramming them in. My mindset for brief poses is strictly for warming-up, practice and experimentation and never for finished drawings, so I don't care about mistakes. I find there's much less pressure to draw well that way, in a sense, and as a result I take more risks and loosen up. Sometimes I split a 5 into two quicker drawings and compare the second to the first, which is really effective for learning when the first drawing is only a cm away. Most of this I swiped from Heny Yan's life drawing book, which is rad >> [link]