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Battletoads - Pimple

By bossquibble
Dave Rapoza's awesome TMNT portraits inspired me to do a realistic 'toad. I chose Pimple, since I always wanted to play as him but never could in the NES version of the game!

No plans to do another Battletoad or fan art in the near future. They're fun to work on when I'm in the middle of a big project but now that I have some more time I'd like to focus on my original characters!

Dave Rapoza's Blog: [link]
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PhoenixStar86's avatar
Pimple is THE toad to be!
Rodrigoval-Draftboy's avatar
ORiGO-GAMES's avatar
Really dig this, I would love to do a remake.
Grieverjoe's avatar
I think the skin could be more shiny, for added slimyness. Other than that, hell yeah.
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ravensdojo's avatar
OH MY GOD!!! WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN! How does this not have 150 million likes views etc?!
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excellent! battletoads was a great game
TheNineRings's avatar
Myabe this time he'll be awesome enough to get past that stupid bike level.

Thus said, amazing work. How long did this take you?
miashin's avatar
Toads wif teef!

But in all seriousness this is awesome and for what its worth I think its slightly better than Rapoza's work. His turtle's don't really look very turtly, but Pimple's still look quite toadly here.

Would this be a bad place for a 'totally tubular' line?
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this is very cool. it is very Rapoza-esque. you did a great job. wish you could do the rests. maybe one day...
KO-Corral's avatar
Oh man! That is TOAD-ally awesome!!

But seriously, it's awesome. : O Battletoads is forever in my memory banks because it was so impossibly hard.
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