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Money comes and goes

Don't forget the ones that were there before the blow

Before the expectations

Before the red carpet shows

Before your opinion is something you no longer own

Before thinking every chair was a throne

Before you enjoyed being alone

Before the friends with prerequisites

Before the room with no exits

Before you lost genuine affection

Before you no longer trusted the reflection

Before real properties became a subsection

Before the substance to escape to your own dimension

Before kindness compensation for the mentions

Back to the days where freedom was free
Back when I was actually me
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So many masks.

So many faces.

And yet, so little reality.

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Oh interesting...were you by any chance inspired by the cover for Pink Floyd's live album Is There Anybody Out There?

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Without meaning to offend, I think latex gloves belong on the reflected hands of the sneeze-guard that marks the temporal difference between this (NOW) side of the reflection and its other side, the THEN, which IS "the new normal" despite the illustration's subtle, yet explicit insistence that We're on the right side of the catastrophe, sans latex, mask and ... something else we're only now aware we're missing.

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How did you know my personality

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Creepy but awesome.
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Amazing piece of art, well done!
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really enjoying seeing your fine art - much as I like your pop stuff seeing your more developed work is very pleasing!

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I really got to do more, i got a chance now with this thing coming up :D

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