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For Sale: Stoneship Lekra VI



An entry for Seventh Sanctum's Sanctum Store contest.

ISS-issue surplus sale flyer; found in a Registrar Complex on Ukodaru Alpha, bureaucratic capital of Keininaru, the Imperial Solidarity of Suns.

Rough text translation from Keininarua:
Grand Sale Many Luck!
Imperial Solidarity of Suns upgrades Stonefleet, offers to sell outclassed city-size models Lekra I, II, VI, & IX to proper registered Rift Merchant corp for fair bargain.
Stoneship Lekra V six hundred thousand macrotons, shell pure lithocarved High-density Porphyresium, engine fair-grade Meteoresonance Gate Zone, capacity nineteen thousand macrotons, armaments sixty low-energy Martyr Bombard (not for use in civilian rifts), top speed 2.98x10^8 m/s.
Sale Price: √5.9 billion. Contact ISS foundry on Ukodaru Beta with proof of citizenship & Rift registry.
Blessed be Akehu, Emperor in the Storms.

Generators Used:
Vehicle Generator – Stoneship
Lovecraftian Name Generator – Lekra, Keininaru, Akehu
Sci-Fi Government Generator – Imperial Solidarity of Suns
Class/Profession Generator – Rift Merchant
Material Generator – High-density Porphyresium
Experiment Generator – Meteoresonance
Gadget Namer – Gate Zone
Theotech Generator – Martyr Bombard
Planet Namer – Ukodaru Beta
Weird Name Generator – Emperor in the Storms

(I find the idea of spaceships carved from stone to be unbelievably appealing.)
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I'd forgotten about this ... and I just fell in love with it again.