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ASR: Crystal Empire - Pg 38

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Ahhh, the lighting is so gorgeous.
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I thought that was Slenderman in the background.
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dang, you're right! I took a closer look and then realized that it was a crystal goblet....
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XD Holy crap, it does look like Slenderman's back there! Also, i love your picture if only because of what you commented about
Well? Where's that piece of your mind you were promising? There's no need to stand on ceremony with her; her sister-in-law is a close friend of yours, so you're basically family.
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They're gonna bang right?
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SOO good. When's the next page coming out?
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Because of my trips between Montana, South Dakota and Colorado, I don't think the next page will be up until July 15th.  I apologize for these long waits.
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It's way past that now.
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wow this comic is awesome  cant wait to read more
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You know Rarity is classy cause even her "Zzzz's" are serifed XP
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Open mouth, insert hoof :XD:
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Ok why Rarity Cadence, what are you planning?
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