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ASR: Crystal Empire - Pg 31

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I REALLY hope he doesn't get possessed. I HATE possessions. They're so violating and humiliating because they prove how inferior and weak and worthless the victim is, having their body taken and used like that with the other being being in complete control, the victim unable to fight and take their body back; it's even worse when it's so complete that they completely lose their consciousness and can even think or perceive anything around them and would remember nothing if they were freed. The only way for them to redeem themselves and not be pathetic anymore is to take their body back, but if someone else frees them, they can never redeem themselves.

But since he repelled him while falling down the hole, there's no logical reason why he can't do it again here.
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Don't worry, if this ever get picked up again Shining Armor the Grey will return as Shining Armor the White! 

.... Even though he's already white. No racist.
Darkness: Sup bro! Just give in! There's like, pizza and root beer on the dark side. And scones! Scones for days!
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Oooooook that's spooky right there!

I wasn't planning on sleeping anyway >.>;
Shining armor is gonna get possesed!
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Yes... Yes! Let the darkness consume you, Shining Armor... Like it consumed me...
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A little bit oversold, but that reflection of Sombra's eyes in Shining's eye is a great touch.
Back from the double afterlife so soon?
That's some shadow XD
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i think it's time to run shinning 
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This is becoming really epic
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when is the next one?
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and then princess cadence rescues him
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Pretty sure he can't run fast enough now... TIME FOR A TWILY EX MACHINA!!!
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OH SHIT! Didn't see that coming.
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I didn't either.... Holy  hell! Shining... Fire your magic and save your ass.... like, Now!!!!!!!!
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Be quick about it Shining!
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yeah... yo dog! Run!
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